• BMW Efficient Dynamics Video!

      "BMW has done a lot of work over the past year to bring its core philosophy of Efficient Dynamics to nearly every vehicle in its lineup. We've seen new hybrid production vehicles like the ActiveHybrid X6 and 7, as well as diesel-powered offerings like the 335d and X5 xDrive35d.

      But for BMW, Efficient Dynamics doesn't just represent alternative fuels. The automaker has implemented technologies like regenerative braking on gas-powered models, as well as a larger focus on using lightweight materials to construct the vehicles in its lineup.

      BMW's latest ad spot shows how these forward-thinking improvements influence its full range of products, and ties it all into the original Vision EfficientDynamics concept car from last year's Frankfurt Motor Show. (We really like seeing that thing in action.) Hit the jump to watch the video."

      I think BMW has definitely upped the game in terms of luxury hybrid vehicles. Their efficient Dynamics model is quite effective, and this isn't just from the vehicles, but having driven several models at the dealership, and noticing the fuel economy without the huge sacrifice of power, I think that market is going head-to-head with pure electrics.

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