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      I had to laugh at this thread when I read it on the other forum.

      I would respond but since I'm banned for not being an ESS fan boy I can't. Oh well I do find it funny how PencilGeek steps in to make the rules and tries to determine whats a valid test and what isn't

      Look at his first response. Please someone help me understand wtf is so bad about a custom tune that it's invalid or "meaningless" and why it shouldn't be included in the test. Imo all the test should be done same day, same conditions, same machine and same cars but the two companies should be allowed to tune to the BEST of their ability. If one company can't get more power out of a custom tune then the other companies off the shelf tune oh well then thats too damn bad thanks for playing. I don't think they should be limited to what they can't bring to the table I say " run what ya brung " and of course they should be compared with the AFR's and other parameters to ensure safety. But we know whats gonna happen a dissagreement in what makes a safe tune and what makes an unsafe tune lol. Either way I think its a fun idea minus the restriction. Whats ur thoughts folks?

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