• Giving away 135/335 Downpipes and BOV!!!

      To introduce ourselves formally to the n54 community we have decided to give away some great products as a way to support this forum and ultimately the n54 gear heads.

      First I would like to thank the admin of this site - you guys are doing the n54 platform a HUGE service!

      Contest page:!!!

      At cp-e we pride ourselves on the fact that we make just about everything in house.

      We have two rather large facilities. One is our manufacturing facility where we have the following:

      • Mandrel Benders (manual and CAD run)
      • Tig and Mig welding stationsRobotic Mig wedlers (CAD programmed and CAD run)
      • FERO Arm for full 3d scanning / digitizing so our hard parts can be made in CAD to be perfect fit every time
      • CNC Machines (manual program and CAD programmed)
      • Full electronics workshop where the only thing we DON'T make in house is the green board (we actually do full assembly and creation)
      • 3d printer / rapid prototype printer (one of not very many that can make full size rapid prototypes that do not need to be assembled - basically the printer is rare because it is the one that prints the largest protypes of the 3d printers)
      • SO MUCH MORE...

      Our second facility is our dyno facility. That is directly on the backside of our manufacturing warehouse. In the dyno facility we have:

      • AWD Mustang dyno with the most intense fan setup you have ever seen (generates just shy of 100mph winds)
      • Lift
      • Large floor space to accomadate nearly 25 - 30 cars (tetris style)
      • Front room with cable for the Sunday game on the dyno day you just can't miss

      466whp on our Mustang Dyno is a BIG number as it typically reads rather low.

      So what are we giving away and how are we doing it?

      GRAND PRIZE: 135 or 335 downpipes
      First Runner Up: cp-e BOV Pipe (flanged for TIAL or HKS BOV)
      Second Runner Up: cp-e TowPlate

      The prizes will be given away in a drawing. Every member on here can enter for free ONCE. With any purchase of 100$ or more on our website you get an additional entry. In order to obtain your free entry all you have to do is take a look at our blog and make a thread on this forum with somewhere in the title. In your thread just tell us what products you would like to see made, and what in our blog you liked. Once your threads have been posted please post the link in this thread so I can add your name to the list. If you purchase anything on the website please PM me the invoice number and your name so that I can add your additional entry to the drawing.

      On February 28th at 11:59PM EST we will stop taking entries. March 1st we will draw three names and the first will be the grand prize winner of the downpipes, the second will be the winner of the BOV Pipe, and the third will be the winner of a TowPlate. The following are links to the products.


      cp-e is very proud to offer replacement cast stainless steel downpipes for the BMW N54 twin-turbo engine. The cp-e downpipes are the product of nearly 10-months of design work, and represent the latest in reverse-engineering and manufacturing technology. The downpipes are constructed from heavy gauge American-made 304-stainless steel, and also carry a lifetime warranty

      BOV PIPE
      (new version is 3" diameter from end to end and still retains factory connection to the throttle body)


      Take advantage of our winter sale while it lasts. Website products are marked down 25% - 40% off site wide!!

      Our website is being completely redesigned and we will be updating it with all of the n54 products not yet put up. Here is a list of what we currently have to offer.

      • FMIC w/ inline Oil Cooler (requires no cutting of the front bumper or any hoses or piping)
      • Downpipes with CAST BELLMOUTHS
      • Catback exhausts 135, 335 (e90 and e92) with tons of options (resonators, stealth pipes, black chrome tips, etc.)
      • TowPlate
      • BOV Pipes with Tial and HKS BOV's in any color (has the OEM C-Clip to the throttle body and will NEVER come off while driving)
      • Dual Cone Intakes
      • Our baby is our intake that actually goes all the way to the turbos to completely remove all restrictions before the turbos
      • Standback2 w/ Plug and Play Harness and Pro Fuel Controller

      As many of you know we are well known for our upgraded HPFP. The MazdaSPEED CP-e upgraded pump is the only one on the market that has never had a failed unit. We will be releasing MANY details on that project soon.

      I will be making individual threads for all of our products to answer any and all questions you guys may have. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

      See you at the track.