• Horsepower Freaks Stage 5 turbo E46 M3 making over 1000 horsepower takes on a turbo Acura Integra GSR... and loses

      We were extremely impressed when just a couple days ago we saw the dyno numbers posted for the Horsepower Freaks Stage 5 E46 M3 turbo. There is not much a car making over 1,000 horsepower needs to worry about. An Acura Integra would likely be the least of the worries of a vehicle that powerful but guess again. BimmerBoost member @gringotegra's turbo Integra GSR definitely impressed us and was surprisingly fast vs. stout competition. This is a case of power to weight as the Integra at around 2500 pounds is almost 1 1/2 ton lighter than the E46 M3 it was racing. That definitely helps when the Acura is making around 300 wheel horsepower less.

      The video was very well made and the camera work by HPF is to be applauded. Additionally, it was nice to see this race take place after @gringotegra would (the proper word likely being incite) reactions out of HPF owners. The Integra also seemed to get out of it a bit early as we feel if the race went longer the more it would favor the M3. They will be racing again after some tweaks by Horsepower Freaks to the setup on the M3. Specs on the Integra below and more can be seen in the thread on the car here.

      Integra specs:

      Some info on the motor:

      Sleeved 84mm B17 block
      Crower pro billet rods
      Weisco pistons wish upgraded wrist pins
      Moroso oil pan
      B16 head
      Supertech Valves
      Supertech Ti retainers
      Supertech dual valve springs
      Stock ITR cams
      Stock port head
      Eldelbrock Victor X intake manifold..
      FIC 1680cc high impedance injectors
      1 intank walbro 255/1 inline walbro 255
      Extreme turbo systems intercooler
      Extreme turbo systems Forward facing turbo manifold
      Extreme turbo systems Ic piping
      Precision Billet T3 6262 with .82 exhaust housing

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      1. ultimateendz's Avatar
        ultimateendz - many go pros were on that m3? 4?
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by ultimateendz Click here to enlarge many go pros were on that m3? 4?
        Enough to show us everything we needed to see. Wish others would use that many...
      1. 654's Avatar
        654 -
        Quite close. Informative video. Weight and also to some degree aerodynamics matters.
      1. Blaizon's Avatar
        Blaizon -
        Props to @gringotegra!
      1. alpinedevil335's Avatar
        alpinedevil335 -
        Thanks for sharing. In for the rematch!
      1. black bnr32's Avatar
        black bnr32 -
        you know the teg has a WORSE power to weight ratio, right?
      1. Sledgehammer's Avatar
        Sledgehammer -
        Insanely well documented video here... I'll be the first to admit I am a true Honda hater however fast is fast and well dammit that's fast. Kudos to both crews for an solid video and good runs
      1. Laloosh's Avatar
        Laloosh -
        Anyone else starting to think the m3 doesnt make 1000whp or has the $#@!tiest power band in the world.That honda is trapping mid 140's and pulled the m3 pretty hard once they got going, probably traction limited or he is running boost by gear. There is noway in hell something in the mid 3k lbs range isnt going voer 145 with 1000 plus to the wheels.
      1. gringotegra's Avatar
        gringotegra -
        Wow thanks Sticky lol.It was a good race with Chris, I feel i will have to work hard for the next one!Black Bnr32- I would say i actually had a bit more power that day we raced, I made the 659 on a 80 deg day... The day we raced it was close to the low 60's.... I think what it comes down to is Power under the Curve... Chris' car really only makes 1000whp at the top of the RPM, It probably averages much less.. Once he does the things he said he is going to do, the car will be a different animal!!
      1. Laloosh's Avatar
        Laloosh -
        My buddy had a k20 rsxs with a full race engine all the goodie and a gt35 turbo, he ended up in the mid 600s to the wheels and went 10.8 @ 138 before getting kicked out. He also used the base 5 speed rsx tranny and went through like 4 of them cause mid gear the gears would just let go. I saw that 10.8 run and dear god that car was so much faster, 1.8 60, slow 1-2, slow 2-3 and then he let her rip with tire marks past the 1/8th lol
      1. maxnix's Avatar
        maxnix -
        Leaded fuel? Not real world stuff.Acura RWHP? I would guess 0. Holy torque steer, mothra.
      1. folgrz's Avatar
        folgrz -
        Wow sick video and good race!
      1. Twinturbom3's Avatar
        Twinturbom3 -
        Turbo Teg has a 6,8 s 60-130 mph Stage 5 m3 goes close to 6,8 s 60-130 car. I am impressed, this 6,8 s time is a cursed value. Taza Vick was also stuck with a 6,8 s time.Thanks God I broke the 6,8 s time barrier.Keep up the fast and good work.
      1. gringotegra's Avatar
        gringotegra -
        Mert- the 6.8 60-130 was last year with 125whp less than i have now... Big difference.. My 60-130 is probably in the mid to low 5's range....
      1. gringotegra's Avatar
        gringotegra -
        I would also say the HPF car is in the mid to low 5 sec 60-130
      1. gringotegra's Avatar
        gringotegra -
        As the HPF car sits now, once they revv it higher it will be much better
      1. Trevor008's Avatar
        Trevor008 -
        What was the range of that race(xxmph-xxxmph)? I'd think that gearing, aerodynamics and power delivery played more of a part in that victory than the weight difference. Impressive any way you look at it
      1. gringotegra's Avatar
        gringotegra -
        70 to 150-160
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by black bnr32 Click here to enlarge
        you know the teg has a WORSE power to weight ratio, right?
        Well, the thousand pound difference is important to note.
      1. Blaizon's Avatar
        Blaizon -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by gringotegra Click here to enlarge
        70 to 150-160
        Damn, you guys got up to that speed pretty damn fast! I've been thinking of building a ~350ish whp integra.