• E92 M3 Gintani SC'd / Track / Reliability Update

      So just wanted to say a lil something and check in with people, especially people interested in supercharging their M3.

      In the last week i have done alot of hard driving, i am also at 17,500 miles on my car and installed the Gintani kit at 12,000 miles, so got 5,500 miles on car, lots of dynos, canyon runs, track, drag.

      - Last sunday hit the famoso drag. The car performed flawlessly. There was one DCT limp mode and it only lasted for about 20-30 sec...was doing multiple runs in a row on street tires at first and spinning tires ALOT, hit redline in first and second..light came on...rolled down strip and halfway down it the light went off. When the light came in, pretty much the tranny disengaged,so if i hit gas no power was transfered to the transmission. when light came back on car was fine. So after each run i would drive the parking lot for less than 1min then go do next, problem never happend again. And in my opinion it is a good thing that it does that, obviously at the drag tranny get worked hard so its just keeping itself safe.

      - During week went out and did some VBOX runs with Drew, managed 8.9 with lots of tire spin, will do better!

      -Today i went to streets of willow at willowsprings. Went with Niterider, was tight 2 Gintani SC'd cars at the track. A couple of the tech were going GAGA over them. Again car performed amazingly. Engine temps were same as my car when it was NA, never got too hot at all. DCT was perfect, no lag, always downshifted under heavy breaking, no limp mode. Power took some getting use to...was so fast on straights. Could pass pretty much anyone there no prob. I didnt feel any negative handling affect of the sc, just me being sloppy on gas peddle and almost spinning a few times! what a rush!

      Niterider's car and mine

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