• Revosport creates a carbon fiber weight saving roof for the BMW E82 1M coupe

      Carbon fiber is much more than just something that looks cool. It also saves weight and when applied in the appropriate places it makes a considerable difference. This is why BMW used it for the roof on the E92 M3. BMW skimped on the carbon roof for the 1M (among other things) but not to worry as Revosport has a carbon roof option for the 1M. The carbon panel weighs only 4 kilograms vs. the stock 16 kilograms. That is 12 kilograms (26 pounds) saved at the highest point of the car. Cool looking and functional? You bet.

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      1. Jimefam's Avatar
        Jimefam -
        Call me crazy but this on a little 1M thats already light doesn't seem like the right target market. Now create one that fits the new F10 which are pigs and could probably save 50lbs there or more and you've got yourself a winner. There is an actual need for this with those cars.
      1. 0-60Motorsports's Avatar
        0-60Motorsports -
        Looks awesome!
      1. DBFIU's Avatar
        DBFIU -
        I wonder if they loose structural rigidity because of this mod though. How is it fastened to the metal pillars? If they use epoxy, it has to be done right or it will not be as stiff at the joints.
      1. deemo319's Avatar
        deemo319 -
        I priced a BMW S63 from the GTS and it is $32,500 my cost with shipping included from New Jersey. BMW told me it is available at the end of the month if I want one. I am thinking of a project car with this engine. A supercharger just doesn't work for me. Roof is still trick!!!