• CP-E N54 FMIC sneak peak!

      Hey Guys,
      I had the day off and took the opportunity to visit cp-e again. I have their BOV and charge pipe and asked Josh to order me another top for the TIAL bov. When I got there Josh showed me their prototype FMIC. He said they're in the process of finishing the first ten units

      Here are the shots:
      This shows the size of the core. It's MASSIVE. Additionally, there is an additional oil cooler that will mount on the top.

      Here's a side shot showing how the oil cooler will mount. They said they had to angle it to ensure no cutting during the install.

      This is how it will look from the front.

      here's the oil cooler by itself. it's a pretty good sized unit.

      The oil cooler will tie in to the factory oil cooler lines so you'll have the oil thermostat still regulating flow. The oil will travel from the engine to the factory cooler then to the cp-e cooler before returning to the engine. Given the heat issues with our motors, I'm excited for this. My name is on the first production unit coming out the door which should be next week. Josh told me that they picked up ~20 whp at 12psi on their test 135.

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