• Motorsport 24 E82 1 series widebody kit - Available in carbon fiber and FRP

      This is the Motorsport 24 widebody kit for the BMW E82 1 series. This kit is available in carbon fiber for 6,900 Euros ($9874) or FRP for 5,500 Euros ($7871). It consists of 9 pieces including the front bumper, rear bumper, front fenders, side skirts, and rear fenders. Motorsport 24 products will be distributed in the United States by BimmerBoost premier vendor IND-Distribution. If interested, contact them or check out the Motorsport 24 USA site which should be fully up soon.

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      1. fundahl's Avatar
        fundahl -
        Interesting... and wanna see it all painted..... but it's just not as sexy as one would hope..... especially after looking at the 1M.
      1. Sorena's Avatar
        Sorena -
      1. DavidV's Avatar
        DavidV -
        It looks really nice, but need to see the finished and painted set to really judge this. The tank lid needs to be elevated as well, and why o why did they do almost NOTHING to the rear diffuser??? It looks stock exept for the hole... Fix that, Motorsport 24!
        No hole, and a rear diffuser would make this look way better from the rear.
        Also, tow hook holes?
      1. KB's Avatar
        KB -
      1. leo985i's Avatar
        leo985i -
        Looks like $#@!. Maybe with paint it will look better.
      1. Yukohama's Avatar
        Yukohama -
        need to see it painted as well, looks aggressive from what i can tell
      1. J*U*icEd_n54's Avatar
        J*U*icEd_n54 -
        What's up wit the alignment of the fenders and the headlights???.... Hmm, not too impressed...
      1. deemo319's Avatar
        deemo319 -
        Not impressed at all. Let's see it finished with paint and correct rims with a proper offset ( fat lip). Give the rear wing back to the Honda Civic owner it was stolen from. Stick to a stock E82 1M look with AC Schnitzer rims.
      1. metrik's Avatar
        metrik -
        Most widebody kits go too far, this is surprisingly conservative. No extra vents or scoops or anything. I like it.
      1. KB's Avatar
        KB -
        I dont like how the fenders swoop out in the rear view, they should curve in. Also, what is up with the SUV looking wheel well gaps? It would have been better if they just made a 1M replica kit, that way the convertible guys could have their very own 1M.
      1. dOpEdUpM3's Avatar
        dOpEdUpM3 -
        Not a big fan of the rear spoiler, fenders look alright but I would have liked a little more stylish front and rear bumper.. Please give the wheels away!
      1. saikyo's Avatar
        saikyo -
        The front and the rear makes it look like someone took a giant press and squished the car.
      1. BattaM3's Avatar
        BattaM3 -
        I like it!!!
      1. dzenno@PTF's Avatar
        dzenno@PTF -
        Not bad
      1. maxnix's Avatar
        maxnix -
        How does the CF bond to the metal at the rear fender? Seems like the OEM BMW rear fender would be a better solution for this part of the car. The rest is nicely done.