• 10 second Garrett single turbo powered N54 (E92 335i)? Not so fast.

      We have been sitting on this story for quite some time but can no longer sit by and not say anything. For a while now, BimmerBoost had been the primary source of single turbo information coming from the user unfor who recently changed his username. His thread was one of the most viewed and rightfully so as N54 people want single turbo information. Things just started to get more and more odd as bold claims came from unfor such as posting a 10 second flat timeslip claiming it was from MIR with a Garrett professional driver and odd dyno charts that looked nothing like what an N54 motor should look like. We hate to tell you this folks, but his performance claims were all lies.

      We really liked unfor and we liked the support he gave the forum but we can't bite our tongues any longer. It does not matter who it is, we can not allow you all to be blatantly lied to by a kid seeking attention. The truth is what matters first and foremost. When the claims were made and the slip was posted, we contacted Garrett regarding their "pro" driver doing runs with this car as well as their involvement. The e-mails speak for themselves:

      Quote Originally Posted by Garrett
      Hello Joseph,

      I’d be interested to learn more about this as well. Garrett does not have any pro drivers on staff, so I think that there may be a bit of miscommunication going on. I was going to try and read the thread on your forum, but it is unfortunately set up so that only registered members can benefit from the information posted.

      If the slip is genuine, someone has a hot set up.
      Quote Originally Posted by Garrett
      Yeah, we’re mainly all just amateur drivers.

      We haven’t done any work that I’m aware of with a 335i directly.

      Now, this isn’t to say that the person isn’t using a Garrett turbo and certainly doesn’t exclude the possibility that it was a pro driver behind the wheel. They may be laying down some amazing Ľ mile runs, but we can’t take credit for direct involvement in the project outside of the possibility that we manufactured the turbo.
      Quote Originally Posted by Garrett
      Hi again,

      I can say with 100% certainty that it was no one that works here. The post is 75 pages long and I’m unable to find the specific post you reference below. The link just sends me to page 73. Our policy here is to not directly post on forums so I’m not sure how to approach this.

      If you’d like, we can do a bit more research to see if we can figure out who this person is. Can you help me figure out any information on the user? Opening pages reference a car being worked on at JE Import Performance. Is this the same car? Where was the race?

      How else can we address? My concern is that this user later posts false information about our company or product and is believed because he/she is seen as a “Garrett engineer”.

      Would a statement from Garrett help?
      Quote Originally Posted by Garrett

      I read through a bit more. We have no engineers that traveled to Denver. They are making outrageous claims about being connected with us directly. The feeling I get is they are using that to give themselves credibility. We’ve seen it before on other forums – people sometimes feel the need to legitimize what they’re doing by dropping our name. It’s a bit flattering but at the same time concerning.

      I’m not sure where else to take it from here to be honest.
      Quote Originally Posted by Garrett
      “Awkward” is a good choice of words. We definitely appreciate you reaching out to us. Let us know if it gets too out of hand or if something really becomes too concerning.
      As you can see, Garrett has no ties to this project and no Garrett driver drove this car. As a matter of fact, when the "driver" supposedly posted it was the same IP as unfor. This was not mentioned until he was called on it and said the driver was at his house. Well, Garrett has no drivers in Denver and let's be real, who has pro drivers sitting at their personal computers posting on forums at a user's leisure?

      We can't allow claims to be me about Garrett that are unsubstantiated. They have nothing to do with this car and their name should not be dragged through the mud because someone wants to look cool to others on a forum. They are a professional company and as stated did not want to get involved in the posting but were concerned about their name being used. Garrett was not involved with this car and what this poster tried to pull should not reflect on Garrett in any way. Simply unfortunate their name was attached to this.

      If one needs more proof, the slip was claimed as being from MIR. Well, even the laziest person can check on Google to see that MIR slips do not look like what he posted. This is what a slip from MIR looks like:

      Obviously not a coincidence the slip is cut off to not show where it was stolen from. Also not a coincidence he removed it right after posting it so no one would catch on. Well, too late, as users took screenshots.

      The dynos are stolen/fake as well. One of the dynos posted was simply photoshopped from this dyno:

      Unfor's dyno:

      The original:

      Clearly a poor photoshop to try to hide the evidence. This dyno he might have created himself:

      Wherever it came from, it clearly isn't legitimate. If that isn't enough proof, how about this:

      Quote Originally Posted by LostMarine
      So i called JE the other day, spoke to a guy, he gave me a conflicting story about unfors car, in that the fuel system is not up and running yet. They are about to install and see if everything works mechanially, and have not even started the tuning side yet....
      How was the car running 10 second passes when it wasn't even running? If you want to BS a time, don't start with a record nobody has gotten anywhere near. Just sloppy work overall but many bought into it.

      We are sorry to burst this bubble but we had to. We know this will likely mean unfor will never post here again. It also means any single turbo info that is legitimate from him will go to our competition and we will have to live with that. The correct information simply outweighs this fairy tale. That is not to say the car does not exist and that the single turbo is not being done. We honestly hope the car is completed and he is happy. We wish him the absolute best. We understand these projects are tough and don't always go as planned. Just don't bullshit us. He's a kid, he made a mistake, but anything he says or has said simply can not be trusted.

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        JE was the fuel system and Sikky was the one off single turbo right?
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by SSDD Click here to enlarge
        JE was the fuel system and Sikky was the one off single turbo right?
        It was the other way around. Anyways both are installed in the car by now.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 654 Click here to enlarge
        It was the other way around. Anyways both are installed in the car by now.
        Are they though?