• Turbo BMW Tuning, Why Buy an M?

      The N63 is the most exciting motor from a performance standpoint that BMW has ever produced. For those that are not familiar with it, this motor and variations of it power the following models and will power the upcoming M5 and M6:

      • 2008 E71 X6 xDrive50i
      • 2009 E70 X5 M
      • 2009 E71 X6 M
      • 2009 F01 Sedan 750i/750Li
      • 2010 F10 Sedan 550i

      We will see huge aftermarket gains with this motor. RDsport has claimed (no dyno... surprise) 620hp out of the 550i. I don't doubt this figure will be reached and will not raise eyebrows. Noelle Motors claims hitting 650 hp out of the base N63's with modded turbos and new pistons:

      for the following BMW models:

      BMW F07 550i GT
      BMW E71 X6 5,0i
      BMW F01 750i saloon
      automatic gearbox

      modifications to standard engine / scope of delivery:

      ECU with new program
      new pistons
      new outlet manifold
      new turbo charger
      without catalysts converter (two replacement pipes)

      technical engine dates:

      cylinders 8
      bore: 89,00 mm
      stroke: 88,30 mm
      effective capacity 4395 ccm
      compression ratio 9,3

      engine power:

      max. HP

      650 HP/6250 min-1
      (BMW series
      407 HP/5500 min-1)

      Noelle Graph:

      They use modified turbos and new pistons, but basically, all the N63's will be able to hit the same level regardless of the starting application.

      So why even bother buying an M version of this motor? Why not save money and tune? Well, the chassis, brakes, and transmission of an M car are very good reasons. But another reason is that the M versions will essentially be easier and cheaper to reach the 700 hp level with.

      On the M versions of the N63, they already have different turbos, so a tune alone will take it up to the 600-650+ hp range. The M version of the motor will be what the X50 was for the 996 turbo, same base, but with different turbos capable of putting out more power with a tune only. It will take much more to have the base 550i reach the M5 with a tune. This is what will keep the distance between the M owners and the 550i owners. I have no doubt BMW is thinking the same thing, or else how do you justify the cost? Suspension and brakes may not be enough, and they definitely have learned something from the N54 and the M3 in regards to hierarchy.

      The base N63 with a tune will be capable of only around 460-500 hp as Noelle shows here just an ECU tune:
      All the N63's will be capable of ending up in the same place, as the displacement and rev limit will be the same across the board. The M motors will gain a much higher level with a tune only due to turbo differences. This will keep the separation and mimic the X50 package of the 996 turbo. BMW will have to face the reality that tuning and forced induction go hand and hand, their trial period with the N54 certainly has taught them that.

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