• BMW test drivers are not very friendly, BimmerBoost spots the manual F10 M5 testing in Socal

      So, your typical day in Southern California. Sun shining, go out for Sushi, and spot the F10 M5 doing some testing. This is apparently the manual test car, there were no shift paddles. The test driver seemed to be agitated we were taking so many photos. We kept snapping away until we both got a red light. The test drivers window was down so we tried to ask some questions, he just ignored us. BMW, it wouldn't hurt to get some test drivers with a personality or to interact with your fans. The guy is out on public roads, he shouldn't get upset people are snapping photos of a highly anticipated car. You guys aren't that upset about the 1M critcism, are you?


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        Ha, SMG lol

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        Love and respect are different things.

        Anyway, I have to go hop in my Saturn now to drive down to see my dad for Father's day.