• Mystery solved: What happened to the ESS Tuning supercharged RDsport stroker M3? Blown motor / S65 engine failure diagnosis

      This is the information that ESS Tuning threatened BimmerBoost with legal action over. Some of you may remember that last year we reported the RDsport motor supercharged and tuned by ESS failed. Asbjorn then proceeded to write threats against myself and my family if the information was not removed. BimmerBoost did not remove the information and called their bluff. We have acquired the evidence to prove the motor failed and that it was a result of the supercharger and tuning.

      We learned from a source that there was material in the oil pan. What was that material? Well, here is the answer, a broken ringland:

      What causes a broken ringland? Detonation is usually the source. Here are the types of failure that detonation usually causes:

      1. Mechanical damage (broken ringlands or rod bearing failures)

      2. Abrasion (seen on the piston crown)

      3. Overheating (piston skirts scuffed due to excess heat)

      You already saw that number 1 took place, in the pictures below you can see that numbers 2 and 3 seemed to be a factor as well:

      Those look like classic signs of detonation folks. The motor looks like it wore itself out over time which would explain the claims of the owner "driving" shortly before disassembly. Sure, it ran, but not for long according to the pictures and definitely was not healthy.

      What appears to have happened is heat built up over time as a result of detonation from possibly a lack of fuel or from the pre-ignition due to too much timing on high compression, as in, poor tuning.

      We sent these pictures to an engine builder as well as tuner, people you all know but who asked not to be named, to get their take on what happened:

      Quote Originally Posted by Engine Builder
      You can see in one cylinder that there are clear signs of detonation in the wall and the skirt, in addition to the obvious sign being that one of the ring lands is broken. All of which are indicative of detonation. As far as the source of this detonation, that's all speculation without additional information. It could obviously be a tuning issue, it could be a systematic fueling issue (lack of fuel), but any clear cut answer would need more data.
      And from the tuner:

      Quote Originally Posted by Tuner
      Initially looks to be piece of piston/ringland shot down into pan. Looks like the motor beat itself to death prior, how long did it last?

      Is that the high comp stroker? If so what was static C/R?

      Did they report the heads? I see they mowed the guides down to motorcycle head level, unfortunately automotive valves/springs are heavier and that causes valvetrain instability like a motherfucker at high rpm. I would love to see pics of the valve seats, are there any? i bet they were beaten to death by detonation as well.
      Quote Originally Posted by Tuner
      Yeah detonation/preignition city. Tops of pistons have hot spots burned in them via the exhaust valves, EGTs must have been through the roof if he had cats I bet he melted them, suprised it didn't cut through a piston. Valves and chambers show signs of detonation all over the place.

      Well there you have it folks, this motor died rather quickly detonating itself into oblivion. Why? Well, ESS tuning has not been able to have any success tuning supercharged motors outside of the factory internally stock S65. Remember, this in no way reflects on their stock motor kits which are very solid options. The issue rather is their ability to tune for setups beyond the stock motor and this is why they abandoned their Stage 3 low compression supercharged motor. Did this motor failure play a factor in it? Possibly, but either way ESS currently has a 0% success rate with any built motor S65 application.

      What many people do not realize is ESS files actually originate overseas. We have heard from more than one tuner that their base files come from the same tuner that does the tuning for G-power. Well, many of you know that G-power kits have failed. This is not odd, we would not be surprised if several kits on the market today share some file similarities that originated from the first G-power kits. This is how it works folks, there is no magic. The problem though lies in that ESS is limited in custom tuning ability as they are forced to work within the narrow confines of what they have been given. This works great for the stock motor setups, but in custom setups, the results can be disastrous as you see here.

      What makes this all the more amusing? The owner of this vehicle and ESS has engaged in a cover-up claiming nothing was wrong. Look at what the ESS file loader / US tuner Asbjorn wrote to us:

      Quote Originally Posted by Asbjorn@ESS
      I am not sure where you have your info from, but Roberts motor was never blown. I hear that you openly post this around the web and I must warn you that legal action will be taken if you do not stop spreading these false rumors immediately. We have had more than enough of your retarded bullshit at this point and you can be sure we will take this one step further if you keep spreading false derogatory information about ESS. Everything you have stated on this matter has been recorded.
      False information? Sir, with all due respect, you are a liar and hypocrite. Every lie you have told about this motor I have collected and will now present in succession. I intend to make it crystal clear that you are willing to lie, cheat, and threaten people to maintain an illusion of tuning superiority while attacking others when you have your own failures you try to sweep under the rug. Well, this won't be swept aside. A further reminder:

      Quote Originally Posted by Asbjorn@ESS
      And last but not least, Roberts engine was just fine when he removed it. I thought he was crazy pulling the engine as well as the car ran phenomenal IMHO, but he wanted 200MPH in the standing mile and that was more important to him than to have a perfectly balanced daily driver for a reasonable amount of money. I really could care less if a RD 4.6 engine blew, as this is not a production S65 and it does not really impact our S65 sales -but facts are it did not. Robert pulled the best 60-130MPH ever on the way to AutoTalent for engine removal. Speak to Sam and Zolti if you do not believe this.

      If possible I would like to keep a professional and honest tone with you in the future, this is even more important for both parties now that you run a good size public forum (quite frankly I am very impressed that you managed to pull the site build/marketing off so well).
      More lies. This motor was not fine, as any sane person can see. The owner claims to be "open" and "honest" about everything that takes place. Nope, just when it serves his interest as the owner is a liar, hypocrite, and has done a complete disservice to the BMW community covering this up after saying he would provide pictures:

      Quote Originally Posted by PencilGeek
      Eventually I'll post photos somewhere.
      That quote was made in August of last year after these pictures were taken, how long does it take to post photos you already have of a motor you know failed but lied to everyone about? Some more:

      Quote Originally Posted by PencilGeek
      I'm in the process of lowing the compression. It seems like there is way too much drama around here and made up stories. That's why I offered to let anybody go take any photos they wanted.
      I called this bluff and said I would take photos and was even taunted with a $100 incentive to do so. He never lived up to his own challenge and well you can all see why. How about just more blatant lying?

      Quote Originally Posted by PencilGeek
      The blown motor and custom billet block story was Sam at Auto Talent's idea -- just to f* with certain people "up the street" and to humiliate anybody who was dumb and/or gullible enough to believe it. And of course, I enjoy doing the same thing, so I went along with it. Sam called me up with the idea and sent me a link to the video and suggested I post it. It obviously worked. But I never expected that it would work so well because I never thought people here were so gullible and devoid of independent thoughts.
      AutoTalent was building this car and Sam is the owner. He originally told people the motor blew and told the truth. After he apparently was chewed out by PencilGeek who wants to maintain his illusion of looking like he knows what he is doing and that he knows something about cars, he started this spin about making up a blown motor story. And what did Sam do? Well, the spineless little man decided to lie to everyone as well showing he has no integrity:

      =Sam@AutoTalent]- Robert / Pencil Geek / PG's motor was never blown or had any problems. The reason for the re-build is to make more power to achieve the 200 mph goal in the Texas Mile. He drove his car from Northern California to Southern California to take care of the next step. Robert has been very upfront about everything he's done with his car & it's performance.
      Another lie from people with no credibility or integrity.

      Now, we are sure the owner and ESS are already steaming and wondering what can they do to spin this. Maybe try to claim this is not Robert's motor? Well, good luck with that, as Robert happened to send me in an e-mail hi-resolution photographs of his bored block, take a look here:

      That is before the supercharger. See the serial number there to the left? Feel free to match it up to the block of the failed motor:

      Same motor. That not good enough for you? You can clearly see it is a bored block and additionally that those are aftermarket pistons in the failed motor. If you look at the top you can see an arrow on the pistons, which the stock BMW pistons do not have:

      Stroker/bored piston in failed motor:

      And a stock piston:

      What led to this entire situation?

      1. Envious and arrogant owner who became upset other and much younger owners were supercharging their cars and outperforming him for far less money.

      2. No foresight to realize forced induction would be the way to go for big power.

      3. Lack of experience and knowledge with BMW tuning as the owner should have built the motor with low compression pistons to begin with but did not know what he was doing and has now paid the price.

      4. Using a tuner that has not demonstrated the ability to complete custom projects outside of a narrow framework.

      So there you have it. What makes this all worse is that these people have been attacking Active Autowerke as of late just as Gintani used to be attacked. ESS has been using their marketing tools, and I use tools with emphasis, to spread misleading information of Active Autowerke and their supercharged motors to continue to create this illusion of superiority and better reliability. I hate to burst the bubble for you folks, but every tuner has had some issues. We have not played favorites showing you the Active failure (which may be attributed to rod bearings), Gintani rod bearing failure, and now the ESS stroker failure. We would probably list a VF-Engineering failure as well but they have to get on the market first (although they have enough S54 failures that they are set in the engine failure department for some time to come).

      Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no magic tuner. There is no one super reliable superior setup. These are high compression motors being pushed to HP levels that are almost double what they come with in some cases. There will be bumps in the road. We do not wish to chastise ESS Tuning but considering how they have attacked everyone else and blatantly lied, it's time for this information to come out. We find their tactics and threats absolutely deplorable. Omar at Active Autowerke actually put it best:

      Quote Originally Posted by Omar@ActiveAutowerke
      Thanks for deliberately misleading the consumer again in this ongoing mission to re-assure yourself you made the right decision. The information posted above is misleading and not a direct reflection of how much power these cars make. A thread will be posted later today to give a better idea of how the Active Autowerke system performs.
      We hope you all realize this is all a game being played to control your minds. Why? For money. For the user getting a deal (like the owner in question) and for the company. It's too bad this owner cares more about discounts than coming clean. We would all understand, but instead, we see attacks and instability pointing fingers at everyone else.

      There are four vendors all selling competing supercharger kits on BimmerBoost. EAS sells VF-Engineering, Precision Sport sells Active Autowerke, Gintani sells their own, and IND-Distribution sells the ESS Tuning kit. These companies all get along and do not bash one another. IND in particular provides quality builds, support, and we fully recommend the ESS setups they sell as some of the highest quality options one can buy. Notice they don't sit around bashing each other? What is the missing element? Well, that is for you to decide and we believe you are bright enough to figure it out.

      All the motor failure pictures are posted below, analyze them yourself if you wish.

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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by ScrotieMcBoogerBalls Click here to enlarge
        True that.
        I stayt away from that side of thigns.
        With all the useless drama this person has perpetuated, it's best that way.

        I think we will finally be able to put this all behind us now that it has been definitively established this guy has no credibility and has no idea what he is doing. So, with no more of this fanboy nonsense we should be able to respect our various setups but some fanboys will always be fanboys.
      1. Sorena's Avatar
        Sorena -
        Yeah recently i saw many threads started by IMG about AA week numbers.
        a AA stage2+ dude said " I bought an AA kit because i didn't want to get involved with ESS fanboys" , 5 minutes later all his posts were deleted on that thread.
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        black bnr32 -
        ever notice how the top companies in the e36 world actually work together?
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by black bnr32 Click here to enlarge
        ever notice how the top companies in the e36 world actually work together?
        They don't have to deal with the same n00b BMW owners with ego's and heads up their asses. They actually are gearheads...

        Still, there has been plenty of E36 drama but as the cars got older more guys who just want to have fun and modify picked them up. They aren't trying to impress anyone with the latest and greatest and there aren't any children with them whose parents are leasing the car for them.
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        black bnr32 -
        you bet...we just wanna go fast!
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        TaZaM3 -
        I posted a few of the motor pics on the e46 thread. The best part is he brought up his own motor and urged me to prove it lol.

        Definitely too much time on his hands.
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        Yukohama -
        that motor thoroughly $#@!ed itself...atleast the truth is out now.
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by TaZaM3 Click here to enlarge
        The best part is he brought up his own motor and urged me to prove it lol.
        Well that was easy.
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Yukohama Click here to enlarge
        that motor thoroughly $#@!ed itself...atleast the truth is out now.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by TaZaM3 Click here to enlarge
        Well I was permantently banned from Bimmerpost's engine sub-forum yesterday with no warnings. I did not break any rules at all and I know exactly why Ive been banned.
        Wait, I thought you were banned from this forum.
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        TaZaM3 -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by THATDONFC Click here to enlarge
        Wait, I thought you were banned from this forum.
        I was temp. banned, yes. But Sticky reinstated my account.
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by TaZaM3 Click here to enlarge
        I was temp. banned, yes. But Sticky reinstated my account.
        Ugh, Taza, this is the problem and I keep trying to explain it to you.

        You weren't banned, you were in negative rep which means you can't post. A ban means you can't read, post, view, etc. Were you able to view and use the forum other than for posting? Yes, as you very well know and as I have logged that activity as well.

        I didn't reinstate your account, I upped your rep points and then some other users decided to do the same.

        Please accurately portray events.
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        TaZaM3 -
        PG's response to this…

        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by PencilDick Click here to enlarge found the pictures I posted nearly a year ago...September 19th 2010 to be exact. What took you and Sticky so long to find them...considering I posted them myself on four or five car forums?

        Do you have any idea how foolish you and Sticky look for posting pictures that I posted myself nearly a year ago? I posted all of these photos and about 80-90 more that he missed. Am I supposed to think this is such a big deal that Sticky managed to find the un-watermarked versions that I left laying around on my server IN PUBLIC VIEW for anybody to download? Or maybe you're trying to tell us that you're impressed with his immense skills of theft and copyright infringement.

        So what exactly are you wanting us to see in these pictures Taza? Because I don't see anything that I didn't post myself, and you're probably not able to bring up anything that I haven't discussed myself. Do I need to remind you what I posted and what I already said in public nearly a year ago? Heck, the postings on the subject probably go back even farther than a year. Let me re-cap them for you, since you and Sticky missed it the first time. (I love reminding you that you aren't very well informed and don't read the links people send you.)
        I knew before I took delivery of my car that it had excessive blow-by. In fact, ESS had to alter the design of their kit because of it.
        Knowing about the blow-by, within the first week of delivery of the car, I started the process of getting a new set of custom, low compression pistons designed. It was exploratory work, I was asking for prices, lead-time, and a design that was made specifically for a boosted Allosil block. It was going to require a special design for this purpose. At this point, I was still undecided about doing a low-compression build.
        Around the same time as #2, I wanted to figure out how much blow-by was in the motor, so I ordered a leak down test. I should have done this before installing the blower, but it was still around the first week of no biggie.
        We compared the leak-down of a stock S65, and found mine did have a bit more. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I think five pistons were all normal, but three pistons had more than the other five. If it matters, I think I have the numbers stored somewhere in an old email I sent, and will be happy to produce them. At this point, I was told by ESS that I was boost-limited due to blow-by. In fact, they only gave me three pulleys: 6.0 PSI, 6.25-6.5 PSI, and about 7.0 PSI.
        We went to Mojave Mile and Texas Mile and had great results at both places. I installed the 7.0 PSI pulley prior to the Texas mile. Then at Texas Mile we blew both O2 sensors.
        At first we thought we smoked the O2 sensors due to running Q16. We lowered the boost back down to 6.25 PSI, replaced the O2's and everything was fine, competed for six sessions at M-Fest.
        We cranked up the boost again and immediately killed one more O2 sensor. At this point it was pretty clear that high EGT's, not Q16, was killing the O2's. Again, ESS told me that I was boost limited unless I built a low compression motor.
        Within a couple of weeks I authorized the low compression build. (Are you with me so far or is this too much technical mumbo-jumbo?)
        I drove the car for the next few weeks until the low compression pistons arrived.
        Once the low compression pistons arrived, I planned to drive the car to Auto Talent for the motor swap. The night before, I ran some 0-130 runs, and set records for 6MT on 60-130. These are records you can't seem to admit I ever set, and can't seem to admit even exist.
        Once it's time for the motor build, we discover Mahle sent the wrong pistons. Now the waiting starts as they have to redesign the pistons due to their screw up. Four weeks turns into six and eight weeks. Basically it's a long time.
        Thanks to you and some friends, you started this slander story that my motor was blown. Luckily I was heading down to LA to buy my wife an anniversary gift at the Jewelry district; so I stop by Auto Talent and pick up the beast and take a bunch of videos of me driving the car. In the process, I make fools out of you, Sticky, and everybody else who was saying my motor was blown. That's when you guys switched your story that my motor wasn't totally was just partially blown but still driveable. Are you still with me Taza?
        So we disassembled the motor, and I took about 130-150 pictures. I sent the pictures off to respected motor builders so I could get multiple opinions.
        Three builders all agreed, the motor was in near-perfect shape. There were no signs of detonation, but there were some signs of premature bearing wear on about three of the connecting rods bearings, and one issue found (a mistake) that appears to have been made when installing one of the piston rings. Are you still with me Taza...because none of this is terribly new information and has been discussed before.
        The connecting rod manufacturer wasn't happy that we boosted the motor, and insisted that we redesign the connecting rods or else they would not guarantee their product.
        Since all of my connecting rods were still in perfect shape, I was given a choice to keep what I've got and run them anyways, or redesign them to be beefier around the cap to withstand the pressures of a boosted motor. I opted to redesign the connecting rods. This meant more waiting.
        As a result of the connecting rod redesign, all of my old connecting rods (all eight of them) along with ALL EIGHT PISTONS are for sale to anybody who wants to build a cheapter stroker motor. I think you'd have to admit (but I know you won't) that it's kind of hard to sell the connecting rods and pistons of a blown motor. Oh, and Darwin has been considering buying them.
        Once all of the parts were finally ready, I took the motor pieces from Auto Talent down to Orange County for assembly. And that's where the motor is now: heads completed, and bottom end partially completed.
        So let's re-cap what we've discovered here so far: we've discovered absolutely nothing.

        You and Sticky managed to post pictures that you think are earth shattering and new. But they're neither earth shattering or new. I actually posted all of them myself nearly a year ago (plus about 80 others)...and posted some of them, and articles and/or links to all of them on four or five different car forums. All of them together (all 130+ of them) are posted on another forum -- feel free to cross link it if you wish.

        You show pictures of an empty oil pan that you think shows residue, but you've never seen an S65 oil pan, so you don't realize that you're looking at a completely clean pan with no residue in it whatsoever. You showed the tops of pistons that clearly show no pitting or detonation whatsoever. And you show a piston that displays an assembly error that very possibly was the source of the excessive blow-by and the reason its corresponding combustion chamber was a slightly different color. (To be honest, I don't remember any longer if it's the same combustion chamber...but I think it is because I know which piston it was...and the only question is if that's the correct head. If it is the correct head, then it does correspond with that same piston causing the excessive blow-by.) But you know what I liked the best? I liked the pictures Sticly posted of the pistons with his tall tale of excessive heat and carbon build up, or maybe what he said about excessive piston scoring.

        Those comments make it pretty obvious neither he, nor you, have any idea what you're looking at. It's not the first time Sticky has demonstrated less knowledge than my teenagers have about motors. Somethings I'm convinced he has no motor knowledge at all (like the time he thought connecting rod bearings and main bearins were the same thing...or that the DCT is run from a belt from the front of the motor.)

        That "carbon build up" is the exact location where the oil squirters spray the piston. And that "scoring" runs in the opposite direction of piston travel (left-right vs. up-down).

        See how easy this is Taza when you've got nothing to hide? That's exactly why I posted all of these photos (all 130+ of them) nearly a year ago -- not to hide anything, but just so experts such as yourself with your superiour engine diagnostic credentials could look at them and draw your own conclusions. I only wonder why it took you so long to find them when they've been posted so long ago?

        On and one last thing: You do know what tuning issues and detonations problems look like...right? When was the last time you saw a tuning issue causing blow-by, high EGT's and blown O2 sensors? With all of your expertise, I would have expected you to look at the tops of the pistons -- the obvious location of detonation and tuning problems and show us the pitting and holes that get created. But of course there is no such detonation or signs of tuning issues on my pistons...which is exactly why you didn't point that out (not to mention, Sticky...don't know a connecting rod bearing from a main bearing).

        My offer still stands: go look at the parts, take photos of your own (don't re-post mine and call them new). Then come back when you have something new to post...something that isn't a year old and hasn't already been posted on four or five car forums. Or simply accept my offer to go look at the parts yourself, take your own pictures, and post them. My only condition of doing that is you must also accept my dyno challenge offer as well.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by TaZaM3 Click here to enlarge
        PG's response to this…
        Bud, this is all you need to post in response to this:

        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by PencilGeek Click here to enlarge
        So let's re-cap what we've discovered here so far: we've discovered absolutely nothing.

        You and Sticky managed to post pictures that you think are earth shattering and new. But they're neither earth shattering or new. I actually posted all of them myself nearly a year ago (plus about 80 others)...and posted some of them, and articles and/or links to all of them on four or five different car forums. All of them together (all 130+ of them) are posted on another forum -- feel free to cross link it if you wish.
        He didn't post all these pictures, he left them all out and only showed the ones that didn't have any problems. This is what he is referring to:

        Notice how the pictures of the broken ringland are missing? LOL

        Notice how the pictures of the oil pan are missing? LOL

        Notice how the badly scorched pistons are missing? LOL

        Notice how all the pictures that make his motor look bad and show the failure are missing?

        What he did was he hand picked a couple pics that didn't show the broken ringland or material in the oil pan and posted them to act like he was so open and honest hoping nobody would catch on. Then he said the rest would come "later" and we would get all the details. Well thanks for the timely update a year later that I had to do for you.

        Ugh, how can you act like there was nothing wrong with your motor when the ringlands broke from detonation? Who is buying this? If the motor is so fine why the hell is he still not driving on it? Probably because of a $#@!ing broken ringland and the motor being blown with all the material ending up in the oil pan, I mean this is amazing.

        The only person in the world who would claim a motor did not fail with the evidence sitting right there of the failure and admitting he needs to rebuild it. It's like trying to tell me the sky isn't blue.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Robert, here is some advice, you might do better using the Chewbacca defense:

      1. akh23456's Avatar
        akh23456 -
        i like the info we found here at Pg biggest ess fan boy of all time.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Talk about having your head up your ass:

        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by spdu4ea Click here to enlarge
        So I agree with Asbjorn's assessment: the only thing I can see for certain is that there was some poor quality control going on during that RD stroker's assembly. It is possible there was some detonation, but those pictures are far from conclusive (I see some things that might wire brush scratches or debris damage or detonation).
        Oh, big surprise, you are agree with Asbjorn who is trying to protect the ESS image yet two independent entities disagree with you. Here, soak this in:

        The piston ring land, either top or second depending on the piston design, is susceptible to fracture type failures. If I were to look at a piston with a second broken ring land, my immediate suspicion would be detonation.
        Your bias is becoming sickening. Oh yes, quality control problem that suddenly reared its ugly head once supercharged Click here to enlarge And quality control led to excessive EGT's causing scorching. Did you even see what happened to the piston skirts as well? Are you blind?

        Why don't you collect those photos and send them to some independent tuners cupcake to hear what they have to say, you aren't half as intelligent as I used to give you credit for.
      1. Scourge82's Avatar
        Scourge82 -
        I can't believe how far some people will go to make themselves look godly. These guys truely deserve the Darwin award.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Scourge82 Click here to enlarge
        I can't believe how far some people will go to make themselves look godly. These guys truely deserve the Darwin award.
        It's funny, now they will try to blame it on RDsport despite obvious signs proving otherwise. But wait, I thought nothing was wrong with the motor at all? Oh now there actually was something wrong but it's RDsport that did it? Oh, so that story for a year about it being perfectly fine with nothing wrong was actually just a joke?

        Just cut the crap already people and take responsibility for it. Admit you lied, it's too late. Learn something from Clinton, it's ok, life will go on.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Quote of the year:

        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Asbjorn@ESS Click here to enlarge
        This engine ran just fine
        Sure did, for what, a few days?

        Some tuners I spoke to were amazed the pistons didn't crack. If those weren't much stronger after-market internals this would have been way worse.

        I also find it odd that every other motor RDsport assembled was fine? What are the odds of the one that gets supercharged has a manufacturing defect? Slim? Slim to none? Hmmm, a manufacturing defect and independent tuners all agreeing on massive detonation? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it.

        No documented evidence of any motor issues prior? Only talk about how amazingly strong and great it was? This guy sits around inventing pie charts all day about his motor and you are telling me there were all these issues yet nothing was said? Nothing documented until after the fact to cover some rear ends in a fruitless endeavor? Guys, you have to have some self-respect I would think, please, show some dignity.

        Is this seriously the best they can do?