• Insideline tests the 1M coupe, runs 13.0@107.4 - Specs and Video

      Most of the automotive press has been heaping praise on the new 1M coupe. Insideline is no different although they at least inject a shred of honesty compared to the other reviewers so infatuated they forgot what an M car is supposed to be. Their test numbers also shed serious doubt on the claims Autocar made of the 1M tearing the Cayman R "to shreds." The full specs, details, and review video are below but what struck us was this quote:

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      Gripes? There are few. The engine lacks the character of most M cars. Yes, it's powerful and amply responsive and probably telling of the powertrains to come in future M vehicles. Still, this isn't the raw, instant, shrill explosion of sound and revs we've become accustomed to from BMW M cars.
      Finally, a professional reviewer who kind of gets it.

      Specs and test results:


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        I think i understand what your trying to say, but, the tires are rotating faster but the car is not moving at that speed,
        Exactly, it isn't moving so by the time it does move and crosses the beams it has a jump start.

        This costs time, but gains MPH.