• Game changer enters the E46 M3 / S54 turbo kit market? Maximum PSI set to offer sub $10k factory DME tuned kit

      This is some HUGE news for a number of reasons. First of all, the price point Maximum PSI is aiming for with this turbo kit is under $10k. That basically blows every other competitor away. Secondly, it is being tuned on the stock DME. We hear the talented Nick G of Technique Tuning (M54 / 330i turbo kits) is doing the tuning and aiming for a factory DME tuned setup with fully functional CEL (check engine light).

      The current specs for what will be a do it yourself install kit are an oil-less comp turbo ball bearing billet 67 millimeter turbo. Manifold to be used is the Steed Speed S54 turbo manifold which used to be the manifold of choice for Horsepower Freaks on their E46 M3 turbo kits. An exhaust cutout will be optional so the entire neighborhood does not have to hear your turbo spooling.

      This is huge development *if* it can be pulled off. Several companies have tried and failed but we all agree this is the proper way to ago about it and will also take the most skill. If this comes about, the Pro-EFI's impact in the S54 turbo tuning scene practically evaporates overnight. We remain optimistic but cautiously skeptical as many tuners got pretty far with the stock DME but ultimately it is part throttle tuning with the turbo that they could not get down. We wish Nick G and Maximum PSI the best of luck, go get 'em guys!

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        Bump for an update.
        Clearly this is not an easy thing to do on the stock DME.