• 6 second BMW - V.S Motors builds an 1850 horsepower twin turbo S85 V10 monster

      Ok, so this is not a street BMW but a dedicated drag car. Still, it is powered by a fire breathing 1850 horsepower 4.8 liter S85 V10. The bore has been slightly reduced to increase cylinder wall thickness. The body is designed to look like an E92 and made out of carbon fiber by Kjell Arne Solberg at Carbon Design. This drag car has run 6.93 @ 203 mph on 26 psi fueled by methanol. Your tuned BMW doesn't feel quite so fast anymore after seeing this, does it?

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        CONGRATS TO VS!!
        so so so impressive, Drag racing is no joke at that lever when you start looking for hundreths!!! EVERYTHING matters, they do anything for A mph or 10 more hp, my dealership sponsered a race team with Vinny Ten that went 6's with a TT nissan VQ

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        Sticky just ask SLS AMG and Portman they might know them LOL jajajajajajajajaja
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        Gotta love those Swedes!
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        Gotta love those Swedes!
        You mean Norway...
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        Been following this thing for a while, unreal numbers. Shows what the S85 is capable of, too bad TTs won't really fit inside an E60/E63 engine bay. Maybe SC kits will get there someday. This is truly an accomplishment.
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        Why is fstop7 banned?
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        Why is fstop7 banned?
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        He isn't that's just what he set his own title to.