• Autocar reviews the BMW E82 1M coupe and pits it against the Porsche Cayman R

      We tried to stay optimistic about Autocar's view of the 1M but it sure was hard when they claim the 1M is a return to a traditional raw M car and that one could argue this is the car BMW has been longing to build since the E30. They state the E36 was too broadly focused. Did they forget the E36 M3 actually weighs 150 pounds less than the 1M? Did they forget the E36 M3 had a naturally aspirated motor with individual throttle bodies offering up greater response? Did they forget BMW made an E36 M3 lightweight which was far more raw than the 1M ever will be? Autocar, don't talk down on the E36 or make E30 comparisons with a car that weighs 500 pounds more than the original M3 which was built with racing in mind, not profits.

      Ok, fine, they think this is a proper M car worthy of tradition. What about how it stacks up to the Cayman R? Well, they state the Cayman R is ultimately the more satisfying drive being lighter and more focused. They state the 1M easily pulls away from it though which doesn't make sense to us. The Cayman R is available with PDK, the 1M isn't. A PDK Boxster S has run 12.6 in the 1/4 mile. It is safe to say the Cayman R with the PDK gearbox being 400 pounds lighter will have the straightline in its favor. Claiming the 1M "tears it to shreds" is absurd, the torque of the 1M went to the reviewers heads. Even the 6 speed Cayman R should make it a drivers race.

      Read the review and decide for yourself.

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