• Prior Design launches E93 "M3 look" body kit

      Most folks will agree the M3 looks more aggressive than its standard 3 series sibling. Many folks try to mimic the look with the hood and sideskirts but without the wider fenders they are missing the key ingredient. Prior Design now has M3 wannabe's (sorry, couldn't resist) covered with their new M3 look bodykit for the E93. We aren't big fans of the hood, but we do admit, the kit is well done. The only thing is, don't use the M3 badge on your fenders for a non-M, that just makes you a poser.

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      1. deemo319's Avatar
        deemo319 -
        Actually I like the what the guy did with his E92 335 better. It has an "old school" German look to it that still looks fantastic right now. The deep dish rims set it off perfectly. Who ever did the work, it looks great to me. Now the PD widebody, the hood is just ugly and does not fit the overall look of the aero kit. It looks like one is trying to make their car an M3 and it is not. I don't use the term posuer, but "trying to hard". The rest is sort of cool but not for the money. Give it a year or so and pick it for half price from the NA distributor.
      1. Sorena's Avatar
        Sorena -
        what's the point of the M badges? i don't get it.

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        OMG ! an M7 !!
      1. Yukohama's Avatar
        Yukohama -
        definitely makes it much more aggressive looking, i'd fill in the side vents though
      1. leo985i's Avatar
        leo985i -
        For 8K, I'd rather spend the money on buying an actual M3...
      1. 654's Avatar
        654 -
        The only reason for having any of those changes done is to fit a full M3 suspension. And for that the only thing reguired is rear fenders to accommodate slightly wider tires with less offset. So I can see the need for rear fenders that are in somewhere between M3 and other e92 3-series. I think the M3 rear fenders have a half an inch of poser effect in them that is not needed.
      1. deemo319's Avatar
        deemo319 -
        I like what the guy did with his E92 335i. It is much cleaner and more aggressive looking and is well proportioned. The fat lip on the rear wheels looks perfect. The PD widebody looks like you are trying to hard. And the hood is a disaster.
      1. BattaM3's Avatar
        BattaM3 -
        Rear 1/4s look nice.. Thats about it.. You can have good bodyshop do that for way less then 8K.. Never out M fenders on nonM..
      1. DarkPhantom's Avatar
        DarkPhantom -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by BMW335E93 Click here to enlarge
        $8000 including hood
        $6499 w/o hood
        I can sell my car, add $8k, and go buy a used e93
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by DarkPhantom Click here to enlarge
        I can sell my car, add $8k, and go buy a used e93
        You would need to add way more than $8k.
      1. dOpEdUpM3's Avatar
        dOpEdUpM3 -
        Ehh, more like 10-12k for an o8' 50,000mi (if your 335 is lower mileage)... Still, I would rather have an m3 even if it has a v8, its probably the last of its kind (NA- ///M)