• LITTCO L700 BMW S55 hybrid turbos designed for reliable ~700 hp

      Another day and another entry in the BMW S55 hybrid turbo scene. BimmerBoost is not seeing many results with LITTCO (The Little Turbo Company) S55 turbos but competition is competition and this entry may prove interesting.

      The main idea here is that they are not going with a 50mm compressor wheel and focusing more on spool and reliability in the 700 horsepower range. These are not built with the idea of stuffing in the largest wheels the housings will fit and then seeing tuners push them to the maximum for Dynojet glory numbers.

      Maybe they will provide what they are saying they will:

      Quote Originally Posted by LITTCO
      The final stage of our F80 hybrids are due to be tested very soon.
      Unlike some companies we decided against fitting 50mm compressor wheels and went with a smaller more aggressive wheel . Simple aim is achieve 700bhp as effeciently as we can. Rather than trying to pump more air, which in turn heats up and timing is lost we are hoping to balance flow and timing in order to meet the power requirements of the turbo.

      Like the L640s they come with upgraded thrust bearings and finely balanced and along with reduced clearances we really hope these achieve their goals.
      We are going to need a lot more to go on than just some text and a picture of a wheel. Hopefully results are posted soon.

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      1. Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
        Tony@VargasTurboTech -
        There is no magic here. The stock housings are a problem with S55's. Go with a proper housing, and proper wheel sizing and you get the net results. Its why our GC's and GC+ have recorded the only 2 stock motor 9 second passes after what 4 years of people trying. You stuff huge wheels into stock housings ala some offerings we wont name. You can get bigger power numbers, but they spool like poop, and you can't launch the car or do much in the 1/8th mile. Go with cast housings, ball bearings, but also go with huge wheels, again poor spool will be the the limiting factory to get that ET down. How many stock motor "800+WHP" S55's are out there? Quite a few, where are all the 9 second passes, nowhere to be found.

        While different. This selling point is moot, acheive 700BHP or 600WHP "efficiently" that is not hard to do at all. We made 635 on 93 only with the GC, and spool was so fast Cary had to close throttle to 30% during spool up just to keep the motor, and clutches from calling in sick. Did we mention no core charges or lead times. On the shelf ready to ship... Click here to enlarge
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        Rob@RBTurbo -
        While we are new to the S55 market, we've seen a fair share of issues with the "boxed ready to go on the shelf" China turbos for the N54 market. A well built custom turbo by the right facility using the right equipment is going to very far, usually further, when said and done over some relatively mass produced units sent from overseas. Now if some of these China housings are better, some proof would be good on that front (pictures with x-sections are worth a thousand words), but the OE housing is no slouch being a true native TD04 housing.

        For the S55 market now that we are here, we will probably get more and more insight on what is really good and what is not. When troubled customers find a new vendor they believe in, they like to start talking a lot more about their past. Overall like what I see here, looks like authentic cores and meticulous hand builds, with efficiency in mind, good stuff.