• Production BMW 2021 G22 4-Series leak? Please let it be fake

      Maybe this is real. If so, it certainly aligns quite a bit with the G22 4-Series Concept car. This car is covered and we do not get full shots but we get enough of a sample to see that hideous new BMW oversized vertical grill design.

      The immediate reaction is to hate it but considering this is not an official shot and could be fake, who knows.

      One thing we do know is that it does not look appealing.

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      1. 135idct's Avatar
        135idct -
        looks good
      1. richpike's Avatar
        richpike -
        I thought I was going to hate this, but this isn’t horrible. Almost Audi-esq.

        Cautiously optimistic.

      1. nbrigdan's Avatar
        nbrigdan -
        I'm not sure who or what new BMWs are supposed to appeal to. They look like $#@!ing Kias.
      1. spool twice's Avatar
        spool twice -
        I'm actually relieved it's not as hideous as a few renderings and that initial blurry leak months ago
      1. maxnix's Avatar
        maxnix -
        Beavertooth Motor Works
      1. G0TB00ST?'s Avatar
        G0TB00ST? -
        Makes me think of the Chrysler 300 from the front and a Lexus from the back
      1. Eleventeen's Avatar
        Eleventeen -
        Some of the other photos / renders showed horizontal slats. This looks a little better at least. Still unnecessarily fugly, though.
      1. Foagy's Avatar
        Foagy -
        I think this one is a non-M 4 series, as it has a grill close to the M340i. I believe the M car will get the double slats like other current M models have.
      1. subaru335i's Avatar
        subaru335i -
        Yeah surprisingly it isn't as much of a dumpster fire as the original leak/renderings.

        I still don't like, I just don't hate it. I guess you could argue that at least its not as $#@!ing boring as Mercedes design language. That new E class is super bland.
      1. bigdnno98's Avatar
        bigdnno98 -
        That is effin hideous.... Is similar to the concept car..... If this is real, guess I'll be waiting until they get rid of those stupid grilles to grab another one.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Is this... better?

        Click here to enlarge
      1. G0TB00ST?'s Avatar
        G0TB00ST? -
        nope... that actually makes it worse. Now it reminds me of an angry beaver
      1. Eleventeen's Avatar
        Eleventeen -
        Now I see why they had a car cover on it...
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        I think it looks better without the tape where you can see the chrome trim but stil...
      1. BigBody's Avatar
        BigBody -
        Wow... that is absolutely awful.
      1. Payam@BMS's Avatar
        Payam@BMS -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by nbrigdan Click here to enlarge
        They look like $#@!ing Kias.
      1. yandizzle's Avatar
        yandizzle -
        No bueno