• TORQUE KING - Santjer Performance gets over 1000 lb-ft of wheel torque out of BMW E90 335d on stock M57 and stock turbos with a lot of nitrous

      Well this is quite the way to for Santjer Performance Development to make a splash with their name on BimmerBoost. Quadruple digit dynographs certainly get our attention and this E90 335d M57 is making more torque at the wheels than any BMW E9X diesel to date.

      This even tops the 903 lb-ft of torque at the wheels BPC hit with their E90 335d. They did it with upgraded turbos though:

      The M57 is on the stock turbos and stock internals. Yes, the M57 rods are beefy but at one point will they give out? Santjer Performance wants to find out.

      Oh, the car runs 7.0 @ 106 in the 1/8 miles and they're looking for more:

      You certainly have BimmerBoost's attention...

      678 hp / 1033 lb-ft w/ stock internals and turbos...

      Managed to squeeze in a little dyno time this past weekend at Powerstroke Performance & Repairs LLC! Put down some strong numbers which closely support the calculated power from the 1/8th mile 106mph trap speed @ 3,818 lbs.

      These numbers were made running our Dual CP3 injection pump setup, 2250 cc/min (100% over) S&S injectors, Malone 2.9 tuning, and bone stock turbos w/ progressive controlled / single stage nitrous (.093 jet).

      For anyone wondering... NO, we do not recommend pushing the stock turbos this hard or relying on nitrous for nearly 50% of the total air supply.... but, YES it can be done. Without the adaptability of nitrous, we would have built 10 different size turbo setups over the past few months as power levels progressed. A new turbo setup is in the works and will be sized a little more appropriately as we keep pushing this little 3.0L diesel closer to the 4 digit power goal!

      All numbers are uncorrected w/ graph smoothing set to zero to highlight where we consistently hit a hard torque limiter that we will need to address (might have saved a few connecting rods though...). Looking back at the data, had we done a few more pulls starting at a higher rpm we likely could have put down some higher HP numbers while staying just below that torque limiter, but there's always next time!

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        That's f'ing cruising in the 1/8. Who would have guessed the diesel is a better performance option then the n54 Click here to enlarge ?
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        I was hoping this would make it here.
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        M57 335 has gone 9.51 in the 1/4 (in Europe). My M57 made 500/700, and trapped 123.

        Stock block, stock internals, stock head, stock trans, stock diff/axles, stock driveshaft.

        Stock M57 rod on the left, Stock N54 rod on the right.
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        how much nitrous? 300?
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        currently searching for a 335d now LOL