• A dedicated/standalone BMW M supercar under consideration for production

      Way back in 2010 BimmerBoost published an article titled, 'There is Only One, M1.' In that article the explanation as to why BMW protected the M1 moniker (why the 1M exists) and why the M1 standalone M model was such a milestone for BMW M were provided.

      Sadly, since its debut in 1978 BMW has yet to build another mid-engine sports or another M1 halo car. A standalone BMW M car may again be on the table.

      Markus Flasch, the CEO of M, said something amazing;

      We’re seriously considering an M standalone car. I can say that, but I can’t disclose the segment. But I believe there is a market for standalone M car
      Well, it's about time! BimmerBoost made the case for such a vehicle back in 2014.

      Modern BMW stated numerous times they would not do it and the disappointing 'i8' certainly did not fill the void.

      If BMW can make an M variant of every SUV and lose truckloads of money on the 'i' brand they can finally deliver the Ultimate Driving Machine. If not now, when?

      If you want BimmerBoost's advice BMW (so you do not screw this up) stick the S63TU engine architecture in the lightest all wheel drive and mid-engine package you can deliver with a dual clutch transmission. Add a manual option if you want to make a statement. That would be a better idea than screwing around with kidney grill shapes and destroying your iconic design language.

      Nobody would object to calling the car specified above an M1.

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