• Polykup MCU promises to allow an electric engine swap (say from a Tesla) into any car - Tesla motor swapped Audi S5

      Make any car electric? That is what Polykup is promising. It sure sounds interesting and there is proof of the concept working. The owner swapped a Tesla electric motor into his Audi S5 Quattro and, yes, managed to keep the all wheel drive drivetrain.

      Ok, so he did his Audi with an electric motor but what other cars have been done? How much does this cost to do?

      Polykup's MCU (main computer unit) controls the electric motor and provides various data readouts and functions:

      The claims are quite bold:

      - 100% reversible

      This means that our work can be completely undone, and the old gasoline drivetrain can be reinstalled. If this was to ever happen, you would never know that a conversion was done.

      - Install manual

      We provide a detailed manual with every conversion we do. In this manual you will find all the proper fuse ratings, wiring diagrams, part numbers, and much more allowing you to fully service your vehicle on your own.

      - CAD designed parts

      We engineer all the structural components such as engine mounts, battery boxes, Interior trim through CAD software. We then have these parts precisely milled out based on our designs. This not only means that your vehicle is more optimized with weight savings and structural integrity, but since we retain all these files, new parts for your vehicle are never too far away.

      - Everything labeled

      Every wire, every cable, every box, every fuse is labeled appropriately. This not only helps us service it faster, but it also allows you to service your vehicle wherever you desire

      - Onboard Diagnostics

      We install our proprietary MCU (Main Computer Unit) with every conversion we do. This gives you error codes just like any modern vehicle would have. This would make selling your vehicle in the future easier as the new owner can jump right into it just like any other car.

      That all sounds great but no pricing is posted and no success stories with any other cars other than the one that belongs to the owner of the company.

      This certainly is cool but let's see some more details and some independent results with the product and conversion.

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      1. Eleventeen's Avatar
        Eleventeen -
        Wow, that's pretty badass. Getting everything to function with the factory modules seems like it would be a huge PITA. I wonder how they figured all of that out. I am also curious what the weight of the car is now with all of the batteries.
      1. 7plagues's Avatar
        7plagues -
        yea... so props on the swap. But like to go from one car, to now I can do any car and its 100% reversible with CAD designed parts for anything, is a bit of a stretch. Seems like a good way to have a great idea for a business fail as a result of initial bad experiences.