• What does BMW CEO Harald Krueger's resignation mean for enthusiasts?

      There are those of us who are not happy with BMW's direction as far as enthusiast cars is concerned and those who like what BMW is doing. It is really a battle of the old BMW M purists and the modern straightline and torque loving turbo enthusiasts.

      BMW's focus though is sales. Therefore it does not even matter what side you are on because even if you would love a turbocharged Z4 M car you are not getting one. You will get an X1, X2, etc., based on a MINI platform though. You will get more SUV's than you count. You will also get an electric MINI.

      So what caused Harald Krueger to resign? Disagreements over the M brand? A desire for lighter and 50/50 balanced BMW's? Less focus on SUV's and more focus on building the Ultimate Driving Machine?

      Nope, it was the electric 'i' brand. BMW's core is being affected by a heavy electric push. Yes, yes, we all know electrics are inevitable but BimmerBoost told you back in 2016 that BMW did not know what it was doing with the 'i' brand. Way back in 2012 BimmerBoost told you the 'i' brand experiment was too big of a gamble for the money invested and if it did not pay off there would be problems.

      Harald Krueger fumbled the 'i' brand and he took the fall for it. BMW set him up for failure. What did they think would happen? We would rush to trade in our M3's for i3's?

      BMW apparently thinks 'i' should be Tesla by now. Well, it doesn't work like that and it certainly does not appeal to BMW's core enthusiasts but BMW threw those enthusiasts overboard long ago. They want sales and 'i' is not delivering sales.

      BMW does not have a roadmap going forward on what their core brand will be or what their focus will be. Creating that outlook and pushing the brand forward proved to be too big of a task for Harald Krueger. He quit.

      What does this mean for enthusiasts? It could be a wakeup call to BMW to simply focus on producing great driving cars while pushing expansion in lightweight materials through the lineup which they invested heavily in for the 'i' brand rather than trying to transform the entire brand into an electric powerhouse overnight. Knowing BMW they will not learn their lesson.

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