• TBT: Evolve Automotive supercharged 630 horsepower imola red BMW E39 M5 on BBS LM's

      The E39 M5 for some is the pinnacle of the M5 and the M brand itself. Everything that came after this just was not the same. Power took over and 50/50 balance, the manual transmission, rear wheel drive, and a high revving naturally aspirated motor became history.

      This E39 M5 is one of the finest examples you will see. The S62 V8 while at one time a powerful 5.0 liter motor is ancient by today's standards. It never leant itself too well to big power builds due to thin cylinder walls but a well sorted centrifugal supercharger setup can extract some impressive power.

      Evolve has just the kit:

      Rotrex C38-91 Supercharger (1100 CFM)
      CNC Ultra Aluminium Bracket with integrated Cooling Hose
      CNC Aluminium Crank Pulley
      8-Rib Belt Drive
      270 Degree Belt Wrap
      8 x Larger Bosch Injectors
      Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Flow optimised intake system
      Side Mount Air to Air Intercooler with modified arch liners (stage 2)
      TIAL 50mm Blow Off Valve
      Evolve AlphaN ECU programme
      Plenum Breather system
      Power Steering Relocation Kit
      Clamps, Silicone Hoses and fitting kit
      Optional CNC Billet Plenum
      Fog Light Delete recommended for optimal cooling.

      Stage 1 Intercooled (can be used with stock metal plenum) - 5.5 PSi - 550 crank HP
      Stage 2 Intercooled (recommended to have Evolve CNC Plenum) - 6 PSi and 7 PSi - 575-610 crank horse power

      They added headers to this build and it is around 630 crank horsepower or so. Enough power to run with modern performance sedans while offering driver interaction and emotion the new cars simply can not match.

      An exceptional E39 M5 example.

      Quote Originally Posted by Evolve
      However this is no ordinary M5, as it is fitted with our Evolve Supercharger kit, not only that but this was the car that we developed the kit on!

      The car also features our Evolve Stainless Headers and Exhaust, along with Bilstein B8 dampers, Intrax springs, Brembo brakes front and rear and BBS LM wheels. All this comes together to make a 630bhp Super Saloon that is perfectly balanced.

      This car is the masterpiece of a great customer of ours, who sadly passed away, so we are honoured to be able to keep his memory alive by taking this car in to our care. A true enthusiast and friend, rest in peace.


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        BlackRican -
        Nice something to think about after I swap in a s62 on my 95 E31
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        E92 420 -
        Iv seen this car in person and it’s amazing. Would love to have this in the stable
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        93siro -
        E39 > Pretty much anything else