• PPM Australia taking the BMW S85 V10 to 6.3 liters with $68,000 stroker motor

      PPM (Pure Performance Motorsport) Australia makes a lot of bold claims. Their stroker claims in particular are interesting as they say they have stroker motors for almost anything from Ferrari, to BMW, to Porsche, to you name it.

      Unfortunately, BimmerBoost has yet to see successful results with their stroker motors or even built motors at factory displacement.

      DME Tuning's built S63TU V8 from PPM lasted 15 minutes. That should make one apprehensive before ordering their 5.0 liter S63TU V8 stroker motor, right?

      A 6.3 liter S85 V10 is huge. The increase in displacement is 1.3 liters over stock. They do not name the bore and stroke combination that is getting them there which is a bit of a red flag. They simply state the bore is 94mm.

      Well, that would mean the stroke would need to be 91mm which most engine builders deem impossible with the S65 V8 or S85 V10.

      How is PPM doing this? Who knows if they even are. It sure would be something special to see a 6.3 liter S85 V10.

      PPM Racing Australia has designed an Ultimate 6.3L Stroker version of BMW S85 V10 engine.

      PPM Racing Australia has addressed all foreseeable issues with our fully billet internals and developed/built a 680++ HP Monster for those who are looking for the ultimate and best out of their S85 V10 engines…

      Features and Specifications:
      • Bore: 94mm with OEM Alusil Bored Block / Stroke: Custom PPM....... Compression Ratio: 10:1 or 12:1
      • PPM Racing Australia Custom EN40B Billet Crankshaft with our special surface finishing
      • PPM Racing Australia Custom Ultimate Forged Pistons with 2x coatings,H13 pins and NPR Rings
      • PPM Racing Australia Custom Ultimate 300M Connecting Rods with our special surface finishing
      • Balanced and blueprinted Race Engine
      • ARP Custom Head and Main stud kit
      . Vanos Delete Kit
      • Custom Racing Harmonic Balancer • ACL Racing Bearings
      • Custom Camshafts • Custom Racing Inconel Oversize Valves
      • Custom Valve Springs • Custom Titanium Retainers
      • New Valve Stem Seals • Custom MLS Head Gasket to suit larger Bore
      • Stage 6 cylinder head porting and Polishing • Serdi throat ports
      • Measure new valve guide interference , liquid nitrogen shrink fit new valve guides
      • Size and hone finish valve guides
      • Trim valve guide stem seal end for valve spring retainer to stem seal clearance
      • Serdi seat work
      • Rottler S7M machine head gasket surface with our MLS head gasket finish
      • Thermal barrier coat combustion chambers
      • Thermal barrier coat intake ports • Thermal barrier coat exhaust ports
      • Thermal barrier coat inlet valve heads upto valve guide on valve stem
      • Thermal barrier coat exhaust valve heads upto valve guide on valve stem
      • Flow bench test after • Check and set valve spring pressures
      • Final visual inspection

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      1. M_terkait's Avatar
        M_terkait -
        Do they even warrant their engines? I mean for 60,000$+ I'd rather have more than a warranty lol.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by M_terkait Click here to enlarge
        Do they even warrant their engines? I mean for 60,000$+ I'd rather have more than a warranty lol.
        Didn't see anything about a warranty but there isn't even any proof this engine exists.
      1. digger's Avatar
        digger -
        PPM are hopless. they cant even make parts to the correct size and within acceptible tolerances yet they try and upsell all this fancy super fine finishing and coatings stuff when they fundamentals are wrong. same the materials they use are good but they probably screw up all the heat treats and dont know how to machine them properly etc
      1. martymil's Avatar
        martymil -
        We had a few engines built here in oz using their parts and there is absolutely no tolerance/fitment or quality issues.

        I run the PPM rods and pistons in my engine, they where checked by my engine builder and he said they where the best his seen and measured within some ridiculous tolerance.

        I've had absolutely no issues and make crazy power on stock head and cams.

        We are just about to put together another full Monty engine including one of their billet crankshafts for the n54 with a single piece crank hub.

        The engine builder checked all the parts and he says they are absolutely perfect and has started the build.

        I don't know what happened with the s63tu but I don't know any engine builder that never had failure on a build, they all have in one way or another but its how they handle the failure is what's sets them apart.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        They have stroker kits for Ferrari's, GT3's, BMW M's, etc., and yet you never see successfull running example of these engines...
      1. 93siro's Avatar
        93siro -
        Their stuff is junk. Even junkier is their support.
      1. martymil's Avatar
        martymil -
        We have no problems with any of their stuff on any of our n54 builds.
      1. digger's Avatar
        digger -
        cant even make stuff correctly. then the owner creates profile pretending to be someone else...
      1. martymil's Avatar
        martymil -
        You are basing your conclusions on second hand info, I found people stretch the truth to benefit themselves.

        Like I said we have had multiple engines built here with their parts with absolutely no issues on the n54 engines.

        Cant say for any other engines, but their n54 components are solid and are handling anything we can throw at them.
      1. digger's Avatar
        digger -
        the avenue to get my parts for me was after the courts send thomas a letter of invitation...not second hand info at all. i actaully know a couple of the guys in that chat link from other forums to. PPM could not even bore a hole to the right size. other guys i know perosnally bought their rocker arms which arent cheap. they chewed out on mild cams and the pads were not even ground square so the contact on the cam was all jacked up

        sounds like you either have some skin in the game or just got lucky....

        i think its great that they do all this custom stuff but i wish they had the quality to match the prices to give a another sensible option for parts.
      1. martymil's Avatar
        martymil -
        I must have got lucky, i have nothing to do with those guys.

        I do agree with you on one thing is trying to reach him on the phone can be like pulling teeth