• BMW F87 M2 Competition S55 dyno output comparison to stock and tuned M2 N55B30T0 plus stock F82 M4 Competition

      The BMW F87 M2 Competition solves the biggest problem with the F87 M2 which was the lack of a real M powerplant and a motor befitting the chassis. No offense to N55 fans out there but the N55B30T0 is a letdown.

      Why? BMW ramped in the torque hard down low and did not give the M2 a top end worthy of an M car. That is why the M2 could not even top a B58 in acceleration. BMW made sure the M2 would not step on the M3/M4's toes but in doing so delivered a neutered product.

      In comes the M2 Competition with an S55 derivative from the F80 M3 and F82 M4 to fix things. Fix things it does:

      First of all you will notice the M2 Competition making more power with 409 flywheel horsepower compared to 370 for the standard M2. Where that power is made makes all the difference. From 2750 rpm on the M2 Competition has much more area under the curve until redline. Quite simply, a much stronger top end.

      This is a good thing for a track car which an M car is supposed to be. Not to mention, putting the power down should be easier in theory. This is important if you want to keep the rear end planted instead of sliding around.

      Now you might be saying, what about a tuned M2 N55B30T0? Isn't that better? Slightly:

      It is making just a bit more power than the stock M2 Competition but you still have the issue with the torque ramping in hard down low. Plus, the M2 Competition is stock. The Evolve tuned M2 would likely just edge the M2 Competition out but it only has an advantage from 4500-6350 rpm. With a tune, the M2 Competition will simply be on another level while the standard M2 is just slightly ahead of a stock M2 Competition.

      Now how about an S55 to S55 comparison? The M2 Competition is compared to the F82 M4 Competition. What do we learn? From 5000 rpm on the F82 M4 Competition S55 has a massive top end advantage:

      It easily outpaces the tuned M2 and goes to show what an advantage the S55 motor has in the higher rev range. The M2 Competition will easily make this power and more with software tuning.

      BMW has to keep the M2 Competition from eating the M3/M4 but this is just artificial. M2 Competition owners will definitely want software tuning to unlock the potential of the vehicle.

      Thank you to our friends at Evolve for the dyno comparisons.

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