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  • BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
    Today, 02:57 AM
    So Schiff just confirmed with his minority memo, the FBI did use the Clinton/DNC funded dossier to get a FISA warrant and three renewals. Not smart Schiffy. Of course just using any opposition research paid for by an opposing candidate to get a Title I warrant is a scandal period. Schiffy's argument is now to challenge how much did the dossier play into FBI actually attaining the warrant and renewals. He claims their was supplemental evidence that out weighed the dossier and Page was on their radar prior to the first FISA approval in Oct 2016. What he conveniently leaves out in his minority memo is the details of how the FBI used Page for three years as an asset to convict two Russians. Page even testified on the FBI's behalf in the trials, which helped rendered guilty verdicts against the two Russians. Page worked with the FBI between 2013 and early 2016. Not just a few months later in 2016, July to be exact(just happens to be the same month Trump officially becomes Rep nominee). The FBI was selling to the court Carter Page was now an agent of Russia(aka a Russian spy), attempting to get a Title I warrant. Title I warrant is the most invasive of surveillance. What happened in July 2016, the FISA court denied the FBI the surveillance warrant. FBI then obtains the Steele dossier in Sept 2016. Not just a month later in Oct, FBI shows up in court again...but this time with the dossier. They were then granted Title I surveillance. Fact is, they did not get approved for the warrant until they obtained the Clinton/DNC funded dossier. Also Schiff likes to point out in his memo, the FISA warrant wasn't granted until after Page was let go from Trump campaign. Therefore the FBI did not spy on the campaign. Another twisted fact by Schiff. A Title I surveillance warrant gives the FBI the authority to go through all communications by Page past and present. So any call records, text messages, emails, etc...while volunteering at the campaign was up for grabs.
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  • Aus335iGuy's Avatar
    Today, 02:54 AM
    Aus335iGuy replied to a thread DCT FTW in N54
    I had to flash mine to get it to work as i said. I think it is year dependant as well and my 09 wasn't one of the lucky ones. What year are you AWSAWS ?
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  • Newguy123's Avatar
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  • BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
    Today, 12:40 AM
    Nice attempt at a coverup memo Adam Schiff for Brains. Unfortunately for him, leaving out key facts isn't going to make them go away. This is just getting started.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 12:24 AM
    Welcome bergdesign, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:35 PM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum Ericgen.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:26 PM
    alec_like_baldwin, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:17 PM
    Welcome RyaN54k, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:59 PM
    Welcome Mookie, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • Sticky2's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:41 PM
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  • John Lemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:37 PM
    Thank you for the automated Welcome, my actual name is Leon and i joined this forum to learn more about how to build my own M54B30 and turbo it. Cheers to everyone reading this.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:28 PM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum John Lemon.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:22 PM
    Welcome Vipersilver, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • jcolley's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:53 PM
    Received, very reasonable. So, along with it goes a can of worms question. There isn't a question I can't answer for myself on mss6x DMEs or look up in disassembly. Zero experience on MSD8x. Is there a reasonable DAMOS, map pack or XDF that shows valvetronic data? I'm going to assume that all travel limits, lift tables, and fault recognition is handled in the calibration area and I have enough IDA work already to last me 5 more years. Getting the N55 to run on a MoTeC M142 and retaining valvetronic will be challenging enough as I have to build a BLDC motor controller that runs on a 5 hall sensor feedback as well as writing the code in M1 Build to run it. Having some baseline map for valve lift would be nice and remove some guess work for the initial run calibration.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:15 PM
    This smells like... hypocrisy with a dose of censorship.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:14 PM
    People ripping your stuff off, eh? This industry is so dirty it's absurd.
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