N54 tuning goodies, I8A0S and IJE0S

N54 tuning goodies, I8A0S and IJE0S

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  • I8A0S 8.99 MB
  • N5X tuning spreadsheet 1.86 MB

Included in the .zip is a spreadsheet with a bunch of tables compiled, a bunch of tips, some formula's, etc.

XDF files for the two common DME's in as well (With extended scalars from Wedge/Josh/Myself), special attention to I8A0S (since it's my car, minor scaling/axis fixes).

For those who asked for them, BIN's included are modified versions of the JB4 BMS backend tested on my FBO/93 octane sea level 6MT of questionable maintenance history. These should all work relatively well on their own, but boost control is a very personal thing without a JB4 dependent on mods, altitude etc so YMMV. If you use them with BB/OFT feel free to send some logs so I can get boost control better :-)

-Updated I8A0S XDF (axis and scalings, few descriptions)
-Updated excel spreadsheet with some VANOS stuff
-Added a few of the BIN's I use for E30 and E60, messed with some of the scalars

-Big update to spreadsheet I've been holding for way too long (added tabs and EGR delete tables that you doubtfully want or need unless you autoX, which you don't. Be serious with yourself.)
-Removed outdated MAP's (aka all of them), will replace with updated ones.
-Updates to BIN's tomorrow maybe. They are done for a while now just need to sober up enough to post them. Don't judge me.

-Added a Map3 boost target w/ adder to load from Evan L. (this helps show the ideal maximum load you need to run, might help IJE0S guys trying to get trim headroom and avoid flatline)
-I8A0S rejoice, all my base maps. I tend to modify them for everyone that asks for them based on logs/mods/etc but this is pretty much my starting points. I run similar boost targets for all the maps, give or take a psi. Pump I target around 16psi, E85 up to 18psi in the midrange. All maps adjusted for 93 octane mixes conservatively.

CATLESS denotes LEAN CRUISE attempts. You may need to adjust WOT timing targets based on datalogs for fuel/mods. Again, YMMV.
-Stock: 4 to 10 degrees, conservative (rich) AFR targets
-Catless: 4.5-11 degrees, aggressive AFR targets
-Catless E30: 9-13 degrees, aggressive AFR targets
-Catless E50: 10-14 degrees, conservative (lean) AFR targets
-Catless 100% E85: 12.5-15 degrees, lean AFR targets (meth BIN has aggressive AFR targets)
-Added TRACK maps that I've been using in AutoX, spool mode shinanigans, no EGR, rich AFR etc. I've only tested the E50 one, had a gas cap error come up once, that's all.
-No IJE0S yet because of flatline issues for the auto's and I have been doing custom stuff for most of them. Sooner or later, though. Not like anything for them can't be found here.

-Fixed stock pump gas timing curve, was a bit aggressive for summer heat based on 6 cylinder data from a few cars

Note on TRACK maps- it's kinda different, great engine response and lots more engine braking at part throttle. Fuel economy is dismal but it's a track map (not 1/4 mile). Enjoy.

If you feel the need to edit the spreadsheet the password is "unlock"

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