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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Laloosh Click here to enlarge
    Lol, funny/sad, but all true. Im not on forums to make friends and kiss ass. If I try something, and it doesnt work as should, im an $#@! about it. This industry is FULL of bull$#@!. If i go to bestbuy, buy a 60 inch lcd, and it doesnt work like it should, Im going right back to best buy and telling them to fix it or shove it up their ass. Same thing here.
    I can agree w that!

    keep it up, but if you can come off as 10% less $#@! it might help a bit.

    Snizzle my Nizzle
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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Click here to enlarge
    Sticky. Loosh is actually a good friend of mine. We asked him to beta test our standback a while ago asking for the loosh treatment. We knew that he would satisfy our needs - find issues with the abilities so we could fix it. He does come off harsh and I am sure he could tone it down but thats just how he is. I love the guy for it because he finds the faults i sometimes miss. He does come off like a son of a $#@! but reading through the blah blah blah i usually find things i can learn from. He's a smart guy just rubs people the wrong way sometimes. I don't condone what he's doing to terry here but its who the guy is. He gets banned everywhere he goes. I wish he didnt because often he really does help advance a platform and find issues in products that others don't. He is agreat driver who beats the piss out of his car (not grinding gears or anything just drives it hard) and is a great asset minus the attitude. But take the good with the bad. Click here to enlarge
    That's Laloosh alright Click here to enlarge

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