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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by oddjob2021 Click here to enlarge
    hey if the tune is all its hyped to be i doubt AFR is the concern, you were monitoring it with a pipe sniffer it seems so i dont see you pushing your luck.

    and i forgot you are auto, it always seems to slip my mind, so it shifts early? thats interesting, you learn something new everyday. and i guess they put a taper on the tune before the shift as to not spike, which is why it drops off suddenly. so maybe with a manual we would see power to redline, or at least sustained. im now interested to see a manual RB turbo dyno Click here to enlarge no offence to you or your car, you made great numbers like i said, and your car performs, we all have seen the videos Click here to enlarge and that was on jb3 right? you should ask for a re-run Click here to enlarge
    are you confusing the need for fuel vs the discussion on timing control?

    and i think your not understanding what im sayin, if im even saying it correctly. i was running the car, the shop owner held the control to the dyno. the miscommunication may have been him hitting the "stop" before i was at redline. there is nothin stopping me from hittin 6800rpm, that I know of. i watched the tach climb to it. or maybe im not understanding what you are saying.

    or are you talking about the boost decay toward redline? i can show you my settings, but we dropped boost @ 6500 and 7000 by 1 psi @ each. no point in holding the boost that high that late if its going to go even more lean...

    ** edit** after looking even closer at the dyno's, i now have NO idea what your talking about. you can see it reaches 6800 rpm every time..

    and yes, i think its time for a rematch against dans Lambo
    as shown here:

    RED is todays/Jb4's control, BLUE is JB3 settings for same peak HP- which is about close to what I ran against him with before. so its hows how much more power "under the curve" I can now put down
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