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Thread: We welcome Mort

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    Smile We welcome Mort

    Welcome Mort, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.

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    Hi guys & gals. Glad to be here. Is this the dark side...LOL. I got a PM from Mr. Sparkle on MBWorld offering FW: MHP offering huge group buy discounts on 63 AMG parts. I see Mr. Sparkle was quickly dispatched even though he made no posts. I clicked the link and presto magic here I am. Transported so to speak just like Captain Kirk in Star Trek.

    I drive a 2010 Tenorite (Steel Grey) C63 with P31 that I picked up in May 2010 and have 6263 km on the clock and the car is hibernating for the winter. I have just done a few small mods lights and cosmetics. I just installed some H&R springs and have a Vorsteiner rear diffuser on order with a front lip and vent covers from Mark at MCD Motorsports.

    Performance mods are in my blood but if I make this car as loud as my truck (6.0L no cats MP76 turbo STS style) I think my wife may become an axe murderer just like the C 63 is to Jeremy Clarkson. An Axe Murderer with Headlights.

    Well everyone, all the best and I look forward to meeting some new people and visiting some friends from the other side.

    Cheers, Mort


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