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    took the land-yacht out to the track...

    Handled pretty well... for a fatty. Definitely going to try race pads/tires on the day out.
    Current setup here was: M-suspension/H&R-SS; true-dual cat-back exhaust; filters
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    BimmerBoost member tracks his 4500+ pound F01 750i and the boat actually does well

    This is awesome to see. You may be asking, why track a luxury car weighing over 4500 pounds? Well, why climb Everest? Because it's there. Tracking the F01 7-Series actually can be quite a lot of fun especially when you hang with lighter cars wondering how that is happening.

    Click here to enlarge

    @tidalk went to a Thunderhill track day with his 750i equipped with H&R springs on the M-suspension but not on race tires. His car has a cat back exhaust as well.

    What's cool to see is that the boat did well. At 2:37 you can see him pass an S2000 with the S2000 owner probably wondering what is going on (along with where his torque is).

    At one time tracking a BMW 7-Series was not crazy as the 7-Series was the best driver's car and the lightest in the segment. BMW got away from their traditional recipe for success but it is still cool to see an owner using a 7-Series for something other than comfortably sitting in traffic.

    He plans to add race pads to avoid fade along with race tires next time out which will certainly lead to surprising more people.


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