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Lol, deflect deflect. The trophy ws done for a year when you said you were making your own, again lol. You know what, now that you want to continue to be the worlds largest douche. Once I am paid in full for my winnings, AND the money I am owed for the bet, I will gladly send the trophy, not before. So now as the commissioner you can either be a piece of $#@!, not have a trophy for the winner even though you promised to make one or pay what you owe. Choice is yours. I know doing the right thing isn't in your DNA but maybe you can make it happen this time. If not, whatever, Zee is the one not getting the trophy he knows he won. Basically worlds worst FF league, you play at the end of the season, nothing promised is delivered. Done in typical BB fashion...
You are incredibly difficult to deal with but this is not news to anyone.

If you don't send him the trophy, I will simply use the money to get our own trophy made. You can keep yours, marry it, sleep with it, whatever.

You said you didn't care about the league and told me to go $#@! myself multiple times yet I still allowed you back in after you begged despite knowing your attitude, behavior, and just general inability to get along with anyone.

I'll make sure he gets a trophy whatever way it has to be. Just please let me know so I can get started if necessary.