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So here's the deal... Contacted BT per Sticky (and others) advice.

The "unable to parse data fault" is a new feature of the latest software. So while I haven't seen this for the last almost 2 years using the tool - it is expected behavior going forward.

Also, apparently the gear selector and power steering modules weren't introduced as separate modules until the 2009 production year (I assume LCI) So even though my car has a gear selector and power steering the modules the BT tool is looking for aren't there, so the same result came back as expected.

Still not sure why the shop couldn't connect their Autologic, maybe just a weird coincidence, but it appears there was no problem after all. A little embarassing, but good result!
Awesome, glad you followed up.

For the record, alpinedevil was the one to make the suggestion to contact BT, I just reiterated his advice as it was good.