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    Cool - shoes' Wishlist!

    First off, the blog is great! I like the layout, the write-ups, and the abundance of pics.
    Only suggestion I'd say is more frequent updates in the N54 section. (It goes from Jan 11, 2010 on the first post, back to Oct 28, 2009 for the second!) Click here to enlarge

    Anyway, on to my 'wishlist:'

    - Easily installable/removable plug-n-play style Methanol Kit
    - Plug-n-play FMIC that doesn't require cutting or bumper removal (saw one on the blog, but no fitment details)
    - Some new style of intake for those who aren't satisfied with DCI's, or Drop-In's
    (Mr. 5 from E90post did some awesome work on his custom drop-in/cai)
    - And of course, the long awaited turbo upgrades/replacements

    Basically anything that is easily installed and removed for those of us who frequent the dealer and value our warranty. Click here to enlarge

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    Yeah that definitely sounds like a good wishlist!

    Ok, I'm not familiar w/ the meth setups, but Greatest335i on here has a PNP FMIC - I think it took him 5hours or something to do it, it was just himself. No cutting or bumper removal afaik....but he had to raise the car obviously, and without a shop, it can be quite tricky.

    There are the injen,aFe, and the ASR closed intakes instead of the DCI's, so a new intake would be awesome! Click here to enlarge

    Turbo replacements are always welcomed, but with the N55 coming around the corner, I don't know what will happen to us N54 guys Click here to enlarge
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