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    Aventador LP700 vs 850 HP Turbo Jeep SRT8

    Impressive result for a stock Lambo LP700. It trapped around 271km in 1Km as shown in the video from the recent Moscow Unlim 500 challenge

    World Fastest (NA) SLS AMG in a Standing 1/2 Mile
    Trap Speed 254.81 Km/hr

    Qatar Mile- NOV, 30th 2013
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    Lamborghini Aventador vs 950 horsepower turbocharged Jeep Cherokee SRT8 standing kilometer drag race

    Interesting race here pitting two very different approaches against one another. On one side you have one of the most desirable exotics in the world in the Lamborghini Aventador. It has 691 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque from its naturally aspirated 6.5 liter V12 and it sends that power to all four wheels. In stock form the Aventador is plenty potent with test numbers showing 1/4 mile times of 10.4 @ 136 miles per hour.

    Click here to enlarge

    The Jeep Cherokee SRT8 in stock form with less power while carrying an extra thousand pounds is obviously no match for it but this Jeep SRT8 is hardly stock. The claimed output of this turbocharged Jeep is 950 horsepower. It should, on paper, handle the Aventador relatively easily considering Jeep's with that type of output have gone deep into the 9's in the 1/4 mile and well into the 140 trap speed range.

    This particular turbo Jeep SRT8 does not perform as if it has 950 horses considering this stock Aventador spanks it handily. The Aventador not only has the quicker elapsed time at every marker but it also has the higher trap speeds. Its 1/4 mile trap of 129.8 is four miles per hour higher than the SRT8. This Jeep is either not putting out 950 horses or it is just not running right on this particular day.

    There is a second run in the video where another Aventador backs up the times put down by the previous one showing the consistency of the platform.

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