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Yes I did. Don't know what happened. Audis are OK up to 7/10th. After that, they become infuriating then scary for me.
I haven't tracked my S5 yet but driving into corners it's a little counter-intuitive vs RWD: With the center crown gear and electric-actuated LSD, it is pretty sophisticated and you actually have to give it gas to get the car to turn better while cornering.

Normally this could easily get the rear end to kick out on RWD and on older AWD cars it can cause noticeably more understeer. But on my S5 it actually rotates the car because the rear diff in particular can send more power to the outside rear wheel. Without giving it gas, it tends to understeer more.

It's not for everyone but I find the suspension on the S5 a lot better than either of my 335Xis.