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    Looking for 018A0S rom based E30 RB Turbos Flash Map

    Hi guys

    Are there any OTS type maps for E30 and RB turbos for 018A0S?

    The whole story.
    My friend and I purchased the Flex Fuel kits from Vishnu. We live in a regional area where Ethanol is somewhat rare. In a 400km radius there is 1 station with E85 within 10km and then another 2 or 3 closer to 400km with E70. So the whole flex fuel thing is important. Especially where you find yourself mixing normal fuel into the tank with whatever E you had left. You have no idea what the actual content is without a Flex Fuel meter (easiest) or a manual tester.

    Obviously we bought the kits knowing Vishnu aren't really interested in this platform, low volume = low sales, so less profit to be had when compared to their BRZ/86 market. Not to mention they are probably the only provider in that market at the moment. It just makes good business sense and as I said we were aware of this when we bought the kits. We are relatively smart guys so we figured we should be able to work out most things and with the help of the community piece together anything we either don't know, or borrow if you guys have already done it. Click here to enlarge Mine is working flawlessly on the OTS maps that come with it, I am up to about e60. I have been increasing it in 10% increments to run logs and make sure my fuel system is up to the task.

    My friend has RBs, which to me means that the standard OTS flash and Procede tune won't be suitable. He is going to need Vargas HPFP solution before running full E85, so in the meantime we are looking to set his car up with an E% that his fuel system can handle. So after a little bit of math, I calculated that the Vishnu Flex Fuel Flash is based on an E30 tune, with the procede adjusting fuel, timing and boost based on E content.

    And that is why I was looking for an E30 map for RB's. To use as our starting point for his flash tune. Click here to enlarge


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    From JB4/bimmerboost flash perspective, RB and E85 aren't much different than stock fan and E85. If you're running flash only it's trickier in terms of WGDC and other stuff. Biggest difference is you can target more boost and fuel pressure is more inorganic to watch.


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    Hi Dave,

    If your friend could bump up to E40, try Vishnu OFT E40 flash. It worked pretty well with my RB turbos. I will pm you some links.

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