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    BB flash "cannot connect"

    Hey i have been using BB to flash with JB4 for a while and have come into an issue today.

    I have been flashing with the same laptop and charger but have had something go wrong this time.

    I had completed a flash that took the normal 10 minutes but when i put the key back in the slot the wipers started going then the water pump, then came every electronic failure "beep" continuously until i take the key back out.

    The difference this time was i have taken out my JB4 and was flashing to back to my stock .org file. ( I put jb4 back on 0 before i removed it) Nothing wrong with JB4 just the flashes aren't compatible with Australian cars.

    Once I hook BB back and try to ID ecu, it pops up "cannot connect to ecu".

    Has this happened because my battery is too weak is my only thought, it has been coming up flat battery for a while but voltage is always around 12-13 when I hook up BB.


    I have already accidently flashed over my PTF tune with my V2.
    This was 4 weeks ago now I have just got my new V3 after sending my V2 to the usa and waiting for my new V3 to arrive.
    I have tried to flash my stock Australian flash today after waiting a month and this happens.

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    Are you using a battery charger when you go to use BimmerBoost Flash utility? While DCAN cars can sometimes get away without using one, it's HIGHLY recommended to always use a batter charger that can provide 12.8 Vdc minimum at all times while flashing the DME.

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