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    RB JB4 + meth logs/raceflash

    Car is 6mt and logs were done in map 7 on pumpgas(94oct) +meth. Im still running a single cm10, tomorrow im going to swap over to a cm14.

    im waiting for my n20sensor to come in so i can run a 80 add in map3.
    I live in Canada Ontario i have no resource to e85 but I have used expensive racefuel
    rated at 110 octane in the past.

    I have three logs i want to share the first one there is misfire up top and you can see the afr spike. Boost was steadily increasing towards readline hitting 20psi.

    I read the codes and found faulty coil replaced it and at the same time changed my plugs to ngk5992. So far so good car feels strong but i know theres still more in these turbos.

    These next two are clean logs i noticed im not hitting 20psi like the previous log with the misfire. All input is appreciated.

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    I didn't download the CSV files you attached but the log you posted a pic of looks good. There is some overboosting going on but that's pretty typical and the throttle is just doing some mild trimming.
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