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    Timmayfest 2014 June 5~7 - Columbus OH


    Timmayfest 2014 is scheduled for June5~7 in Columbus OH.

    Timmayfest is a BMW/Mercedes Benz/Exotics car meet put together by true enthusiasts. It is not a car "show" (though we do hand out a few trophies) and there is no entrance fee. It is just a gathering of people who share a passion for high performance driving machines. Timmayfest really started out as a small BMW/Mercedes car meet of people who only knew each other by talking over online car forums such as,, and We decided it was finally time to get together and meet the people behind the computer screen. We chose to hold it in Columbus, Ohio since it was a central location to those involved. The word spread that there was going to be a car meet in Ohio through other online forums, thus growing. We managed to put together 130 cars the first year (2010), over 200 the second year (2011), growing to 250+ in 2012 and 2013. We had cars attending from as far away as Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 2 years in a row!

    This year we be raising money to donate to Cancer research/treatment. We are currently requesting info from Saint Jude's Children's Hospital to be our charity for the year. I will update when we finalize things.

    Details can be found:

    I take no credit for the event, just passing the word. There a few people organizing caravans to go to the event from Cinci, Cleveland, Chicago that I have seen.

    Would be good to see some of you guys there.
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    It's a pretty small show / meet in all honesty. Nice they raise some money for charity and it's more about meeting enthusiasts. The guys are pretty nice all around.

    Since it is for charity I'll let this stay up.

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