We've got a new item in from Macht Schnell; the Competition Stud Conversion Kit.

All Macht Schnell Competition fasteners are hardened and tempered to strength class 10.9 or 10 according to DIN/ISO standard 898. They meet the statutory requirements of all countries - including the USA.

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All studs/nuts feature a black plating process for OEM appearance.
Final inspections are not restricted to random quality checks. Every single fastener is tested to ensure compliance with specifications. Studs/nuts are also offered individually and should be replaced after every race season.

Competition Wheel Stud Kit Features:
- 10.9 Grade Strength Class for ultimate strength and safety
- Bullet Tip prevents cross-threading
- Faster and easier wheel changes
- 75mm length allows for most spacer thicknesses (up to +12mm) to be used without changing studs
- Eliminates the need for balancing the wheel while threading in stock wheel lugs
- Black zinc coating for additional strength and corrosion/wear resistance - Allen key insert for easy installation
- Fits most BMW models

75mm Shank, 12mm x 1.5, 17mm Hex Nut, Cone Seat

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Macht Schnell - Competition Stud Conversion Kit (75mm Bullet Tip)

If you have any questions on this item, feel free to ask on the thread, over email, PM, or simply give us a call Click here to enlarge