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    BMW Jack kit || Jack, gloves, TQ wrench, breaker bar, wheel chock, carrying case.

    So ordered and got this BMW Jack kit the other night.

    Click here to enlarge

    Click here to enlarge

    Wanted to share it as I think its an important set of items to own for any car owner.

    As shown here:

    Comes with a scissor type jack, better then the one leg jack that BMW sells, the jack fits right into the BMW square car lift pad.
    A flat ratcheting wrench comes with it, to jack up the car or lower it.

    Comes with a nice carrying case where everything fits nicely into, and gloves, along with a wheel chock to hold the car in place, and a breaker bar to break the lug bolts free.

    The most important part of this kit that it comes with a TQ wrench.
    140NM which is 103 FT LBs.

    Most E series cars lug bolts r spec'd to 88.5 FT LB, newer F models are around 140nm/103 FT LB. This torque wrench even though is tied/ordered to my vin came with a 103ftlb wrench. Either BMW changed the lastest TQ values, or they got lazy and just put this one tq wrench, either way going from 88 to 100 for lug bolts isn't a huge jump, and actually I personally prefer 100 as 88 seems a lil on the loose side for me.

    Major thing that a lot of people overlook is torqueing down there lug bolts, which can lead to shaking and warping rotors, among damging threads, bolts wheels.

    So I loosened and re-tq'd my bolts using the kit, and man, I would guess some of the bolts were tq's to over 200 lbs!

    One thing is having ALL the bolts at a equal over tq'd value, but all the bolts were tq'd at an unequal WAY OVER spec values.

    After getting all my bolts to 100 FT LB, I feel like it drives and brakes better! Im sure its in my head, but man were they way over tq'd.

    Anyways just a friendly reminded to get those wheels tq'd to spec, and a small review of this kit Click here to enlarge
    ///M5 LCI
    "It's like the F10 is the 911 Turbo to the E60's GT3" -Pistonheads (M5 feature)

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