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    Question HID angle eye 12v bypass?

    What's going on everybody? I have a problem regarding my angle eyes. I've recently installed a new HID kit, due to a blown ballast from a previous kit and the company that I order the kit from is out of business (AlpineMSS), so I wasn't able to get a replacement ballast. The problem comes when I start the car it seems that some times the ae turn on with the first start and the majority of the other times I would have to press the push start on and off a few times before the kit turns on or drive around some and restart the car. The passenger side turns on for the most part but its the drivers side that takes the most time to start. I'm guessing the problem has to do with an electrical problem. When I was using the Alpine MSS kit, it was at the beginning of Spring last year, and I never had the problem but now since it has turned cold I'm guessing that could be a problem as well. Is there a way that I could get the kit to work by coding or something of that nature, to bypass the 12v check?
    E92 Chameleon 335I/ VTT Stg 2/ EOS manifold w PI/ JB4 G5 w/ BB Flash/ BMS DCI/ BMS Cowls/ Fuel it stg 2 lpfp/ MMP Inlets and outlets/ ER CP w/ Synaspe BOV/ M2 Exhaust/VRSF DP/ ETS FMIC/ BMS OCC/ BMS Meth Kit CMGS

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