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    Internet Brands to destroy the competition

    Internet Brands is huge, you all get that I hope. They make this software, Vbulletin, which is simply the best forum software. They also have a huge network of forums including 6speedonline and MBworld.

    A few guys who used to work for IB decided they didn't like it any longer and went off to make their own forum software, Xenforo. It isn't as good as Vbulletin but it is brand new and has some cool little features VB should have built in but they don't. Regardless, an alternative would be nice to keep IB honest.

    You guys may also know that IB was recently aquired for hundreds of millions. Well, now they have this huge cash infusion they have decided to sue the makers of Xenforo:

    Internet Brands today has commenced a lawsuit in the courts of England and Wales against Xenforo, and its founders, Kier, Mike and Ashley. The lawsuit is about these claims: infringement of our copyrighted intellectual property, breach of contract, and unfair business practices.

    The suit is simple: we claim that Kier, Mike, and Ashley have infringed and violated contracts they signed with us to gain unfair business advantage. As such, Xenforo’s software unfairly stands on the shoulders of more than a decade of development by Jelsoft. Internet Brands owns this intellectual property.
    So, since competition is coming IB seems intent to stop them. Does their suit have merit? Did these guys violate copyrights? I don't know, but trying this up in courts should be enough to stop Xenforo.

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    sounds kind of similar to the Nigel Stephney news i read today. supposedly he left Ferrari and brought secrets to Mclaren. He was just sentence in court.

    I've had some similar situations in the business i used to work in where competitors would try to work for me to possibly steal suppliers, contacts and other employees.
    I think it's just a part of business. If i want to open a McDonalds, I should get a job at one first. With that said, I have no idea what these contracts are about anyway.

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