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Akrapovic's engineers developed a complete exhaust system which pushes this powerful Bavarian ahead of the pack. The next stage in revolutionizing the performance of the BMW 335i, past the Slip-on option is the great Evolution exhaust system a must have for all drivers of this civilian rocket from Munich. This system, which is made entirely of titanium, gives the BMW 335i more power and weighs less that offers an even better on-road performance. The BMW 335i stock exhaust system weighs more than twice as much as the Evolution, which speaks of the great achievement of our engineers.

Measurements of the Evolution exhaust system on the BMW 335i show Akrapovic made no compromises. That can be seen in additional power of 12.4 HP (at 5980RPM) and 12 ft lbs (at 2910RPM). But it is not all about providing more peak power. One can also observe noticeable refinements to the whole rpm range from 2500 rpm to over 6500 rpm. From 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm, the power is delivered homogeneously. Reducing backpressure causes improvement of throttle response and turbine response. The Akrapovic Evolution weighs only 31lbs. Made entirely of titanium, the Evolution exhaust system sounds very sporty and reflects the formidable nature of the powerful six-pot engine.

- Titanium crossover tubes
- Titanium end muffler
- 2 Titanium 90mm exhaust tips

Hard facts
- 12.4 HP gain (at 5980RPM)
- 12 ft lb gain (at 2910RPM)
- 31lb reduction (when compared with stock)

Models Supported
2007+ e9x 335i Coupe, Sedan & Convertible

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Akrapovic - Evolution Titanium Exhaust System for e9x 335i

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Akrapovic - Slip-On Titanium Exhaust System for e9x 335i

I would like to note that Akrapovic has a strict criteria for selecting only the best of whom represents their product line, which safeguards your Akrapovic warranty.

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North American Authorized Akrapovic Resellers

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