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    evolve headers SALE!!

    contact us for lowest prices on evolve products for your bmw

    offering all headers and down pipes sales+installation+dyno tuning in house for the evolve product line and all brands carried
    1 stop shop from sales to installation to maintenance of your hi performance car-truck.

    contact us

    We have developed 3 different headers for the BMW E60 M5/E63 M6 modifying the OEM headers. The primary catalytic converters on the S85 V10 engine are located in the headers/exhaust manifolds. These emissions based cat's are highly restrictive due to their dense structure and small size which creates a restrcition through the entire rpm band under all loads.
    The S85 V10 is often critisized for it's lack of low end torque.With all of the new Evolve header options the V10 engine gains a substantial amount of torque throughout the rev range. Three different options have been created for different markets and customer requirements. All options are direct bolt on to the factory exhaust.Please note that where the secondary cats have already been deleted or where emissions regulations are strict it is advisable to go with the Evolve RS header which retains a very high flow CAT in place of the stock restrictive CAT. The taper from the CAT/Decat section has been design to aid smooth airflow and maximise power gains.

    We also have a good stock of cores so waiting time is minimised. As soon as your order is placed production begins and the usual turn around time is 3 weeks. There is a refundable core charge of 750 or $1177 USD which will be added to the purchase price and is returned to you once we receive your stock headers back.

    Below is a dyno graph illustrating the gain on a stock car with no additional tuning. In this test the Evolve RS header was used showing peak gains of 25 BHP (35 BHP in the mid range) and 10-45Nm Torque throughout the rev range.The gains for the Evolve headers without cats are the same.

    1. Evolve Race Header 1000 + VAT or $1700 USD*: This is a permanent decat option that bolts on to the factory exhaust. If you are based in a country where you have no emissions regulations then this is the best choice for you. A remap is required to remove the CEL. Evolve Stage 2 remap is an excellent way of obtaning the maximum gains from this set up.
    2. Evolve Race-R Header 1399 + VAT or $2196 USD* : This is a reversible decat option that allows you to swap out the decat section for your OEM cat with the use of V Band clamps. This means that you can go back to OEM cat very easily. This is useful for annual emissions inspections as a low cost option for returning the car back to OEM spec. A remap is required to remove the CEL. Evolve Stage 2 remap is an excellent way of obtaining maximum gains from this set up.

    3. Evolve RS Header 2399 + VAT or $3766 USD*: This is a permanent catted option that uses a very high quality HJS cat which does not lose any power over the decatted options and is bolt on to the factory exhaust. Perfect for those that want a fit and forget solution. There is no CEL with this option so a remap is not required but the Evolve Stage 2 remap is recommended to obtain maximum gains from this setup.

    pictures can be found at this direct link, any tech questions or sales information needed email us direct.
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    I probably run as much boost as you do fuel pressure

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