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Thread: Odd Codes

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    Odd Codes

    Hey all,

    I gotta first say Bimmerboost>E90post. This such a a wonderful forum with great feedback and best of all no small penis syndrome admins. Click here to enlarge

    Car: E90 335i Xdrive, 33k miles, DCI, JB4 G5 Map 1. Since DAY ONE I have 29F3 code thrown. Never goes away even after clearing comes right back.

    I am having some odd codes with my 335, was wanting to get some feedback before I take it in to get it looked at. These issues occur at high speeds WOT around 100-120, EACH time gas has been under 1/4th tank right before the 50 mile light goes off.

    Incident 1: Did many WOT runs engine temperature was around 250, at 110 went WOT car threw CEL but was STILL boosting fine meaning it was boosting 13 PSI even after the CEL was illuminated. Code thrown at this time was 30FF (Underboost). Checked for boost leak found NONE.

    Incident 2: Was on highway at 125ish did WOT car was boosting boosting and WOMP felt like it hit a brick wall. Codes thrown at this time were 29F2 29E2. Car was not no longer boosting anything more than stock PSI. After restart car was boosting fine and high no more issues.

    Incident 3: After a couple of spirited runs did WOT around 105-110ish and CEL came on but car was STILL boosting fine. Got off the highway checked codes and its 30FF again. Restarted car and did multiple WOT runs went through 1/4th tank of gas in 35 miles and NO more issues.

    Do you guys think this is related to the fuel pumps? I have no other issues besides these random codes -_-.

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    Those are all common codes. Fualty low fuel pressure sensor (replace it), 29F2 could be a simple JB4 open loop setting or could be a faulty high pressure pump. You'll want to refer to 29F2 notes on N54tech to troubleshoot. 30FF could be a real boost leak, a JB4 setting issue, or a firmware out of date issue.
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