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    UUC EVO3 SSK and DSSR - RHD Review - Australian 135i

    So a while ago I purchased the UUC EVO3 SSK and DSSR. After coming from a Series 8 RX7 and other Japanese cars, the BMW felt like rowing a boat, so I thought this would be the way to go. I skimmed the instructions and decided to fit it myself. However, when I went back through them last weekend I noticed it required a bit more than I thought it did, so I had a mechanic do it for me. Mostly this was being lazy, but with my current work load it made sense to put in some more hours at work and pay someone else. At the same time, I had the Clutch Delay Valve removed. I figured if I was looking to improve the driving feel, I may as well get that done at the same time.

    First the install. I talked to the mechanic who fitted it. He was extremely impressed with the instructions and found them very comprehensive. The only negatives he mentioned was that the Australian models seem to have more heat shields and larger heat shields, and that plastic circle was white where the instructions said black or vice versa. Click here to enlarge He liked the quality of the product, as far as construction went, as well as its design. I think he mentioned its robustness is probably why there is a bit of work to install it, since it has to be accessed from underneath. He also told me that it fit extremely well, and liked how all the replacement clips etc were included.

    Driving it. Well, what a change, I love it. Its shorter, its direct, it just feels perfect. I know some people will complain that its notchy or noisy or whatever, but in reality it is neither. I would say that it does sound slightly louder with the radio off, but I didn't really notice it with the radio at low volume. It feels incredible.

    All up, I would highly recommend it.


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