So i have an 08 135i, has 74k typical oily residue in inlet tubes, no big deal

Purchased 07 335i 41k, just installed DCI's yesterday and there was a decent amount of chalky whitish tan residue in the tubes near the ends.

Can't tell what it is. It looks almost like blown head gasket type of residue but its pretty dry. Oil looks good, no signs of moisture. Haven't checked the coolant yet because the car is always warm when i go to do it.

Only other thing i can think of is that the shop/dealer used some type of spray on the tubes to get the intake pipes to slide in. I had a $#@! of a time getting the tubes in on my other car so i used glass cleaner. Thinking someone may have used hair spray and it turned white with heat. this would explain it only being visible near the ends

Does this sound like a reasonable explanation? I have like another 45 days left of used car warranty so if it's a sign of anything else i wanna milk the dealer for all i can. Pretty sure that my guess is on the ball though as the car hadn't really been driven in a couple months and we have put 1k miles on it in the past week and it still seems dry. If it was anything else i feel like it would still be moist